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Shin guards are worn under soccer socks because the socks keep the shin guards in place, right in front of the shins. If the shin guards were worn on top of the socks all shin guards without straps would not remain on and even those that have straps that go around the back of the leg will not keep the shin guards in place.

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Q: Why do you wear shin guards under soccer socks?
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Do shin guards go under the socks?

Yes, shin guards go under the socks.

What is the equiment for soccer?

You need shin guards, socks (long soccer socks to cover the shin guards), a T-shirt, shorts, soccer ball, and cleats.

Do pro soccer platers wear shin guards?

Yes, many professional soccer players wear shin guards. You can see these guards during the soccer games on television, and they are often worn under the socks.

Can you tape your shin guards in soccer?

Yes you can, but it will be extremely uncomfortable if you tape them to your on to your legs (on your skin) under your soccer socks. Rather put the tape outside the socks.

What to bring to a soccer game?

- Your uniform - Soccer Socks - Cleets - Shin Guards - Water

Do you wear soccer shin guards over or under socks?

If you want to look like a normal soccer player, you would wear your shin guards under your socks. If the plastic liner is a problem and causes a rash, thin moisture-wicking socks are available that will improve the comfort. They are found in athletic equipment stores.

Do shin-guards go under the socks?

Yes you wear them under your socks and your socks go over

What equipment is needed for soccer?

You need socks, shin guards, a uniform and cleats.

What do you need for soccer?

Shin guards, cleats, high socks, ankle guards, if you don't buy the shin guards with them included, -a guy might want to invest in a cup.

What are the soccer items?

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

What should soccer players wear?

A shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks and boots with cleats.

What are things used in a soccer game?

cleets, shin guards, knee high socks, jerseys. shorts, and of course, a soccer ball.

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