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you push the person into the back of their court, and once they are there, you drop it right in front of the net and they cant get to it

well actually, this isn't the case with professionals. They are quick through the court. They are always at their base position after a shot. The main thing about a drop shot is that it creates confusion. Your drop shot should never LOOK different from your clear. It keeps your opponent guessing.

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Because the other opponent has trouble getting to it and it they do get to it, it takes longer to get reset so you can just smash it down while there resetting. :D

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you will need a smash shot in Badminton so that he can't hit it coz' it is powerful

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Because you can get a lot of force onto a downwards aimed shot, making it harder to defend against.

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Q: Why do you use a smash shot in badminton?
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What are some Names of badminton strokes?

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

Is a net lift a attacking or deffensive shot in badminton?

Any kind of lift is a defensive shot in badminton as it gives your opponents the opportunity to play a smash or other attacking shot.

What qualifies as a badminton smash?

A badminton smash is generally classified as a very powerful shot in which the player raises the racket above his or her head and delivers a slightly downward shot. The shuttlecock should then land with force in the opponent's territory.

What are the Sport lingo in badminton?

smash,rally expedile,high clear,drop shot

What are three types of hits in badminton?

over head clear drop shot smash under head clear

What is the ultimate attacking shot in badminton?

Many shots are effective, but the smash (fast downward shot) is like the spike in volleyball. However, with proper strategy in the proper situation anything as light as a drop shot can be just as (if not more) effective.

What is flick in badminton?

it is a smash

What are the other names of badminton?

The smash- fast, downward hit onto opponent's side. Forehand- A standard motion of badminton. Usually over your head. Clear- A far shot to the back of your opponent's court. Usually followed by a drop shot.

What is head in badminton?

The head on a badminton racquet is isometric in shape.

What is meaning of drive in skill badminton?

The drive in badminton is an attacking shot that is normally played from the sides of the court. when the shuttle has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash. The shuttle will be between the shoulder and knee level.

How do you do a net return shot in badminton?

you can either do a dropshot ideal when opponent at back of court or pitch do a smash so send it flying i.e. hit is as hard as u can or just a lift shot when you do under arm shot

What muscles should you improve to play the smash shot in badminton?

The whole of the upper arm, that's where the strength of the shot comes from, but then you can get more power with a flick of the wrist - so upper arm, and wrists.