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Some may be, but this is just a stereotype. There are smart cheerleaders out there, and don't think that just because you see one that he or she is dumb; it's just a stereotype.


Actually, cheerleaders have to maintain a GPA of about a 2.0-2.5 and many have higher GPA's than that... So that cheerleaders are stupid is just a stereotype


Im 16 and a cheerleader in out school.Its true if wer stupid and dumb we woulda been kicked out from cheer cause we have to maintain a certain grade like in our school we cant have 2 D's or failures cuz if we do we get kicked out.Some just have to sit out if somethings up.

BUT there are some stupid ones but not in class or anythng just plain girl trying to get attention.


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I make straight A's. Cheerleaders can be geniuses but not always.

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most are blondes

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Q: Why do you think cheerleaders are dumb?
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Why do people think cheerleaders are dumb?

This happens because on TV shows, someone decided to make it that way, and it caught on, and sinse than, that has always been said.

Do guys like cheerleaders?

I am a guy so i would know what we like. SOME NOT ALL of us like cheerleaders but many think cheerleaders are just "dumb blonds" or "peppy bitches". So being a cheerleader isn't the only way to get a guy to like you infact it can actually sometimes deflect guys.

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What are the stereotypes of cheerleaders?

Stereotypes of cheerleaders aren't true all the time. A stereotypical cheerleader is blonde, popular, and snobby. She is super dumb too, and has all the guys in love with her. Shes drop dead gorgeous and loved by everyone

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cheerLEADERS: they are definitley supposed to be leaders. they need to know that even when they think people arent watching them, they are. they need to lead in and out of their cheer uniforms.

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