Why do you study arnis?

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The study of FMA (arnis, escrima, kali) is the most practical form of self-defense. It is no wonder why Black Belt Magazine has rated it as one of the top 10 for personal self defense. Many assumes that arnis is only a weapons based art. What some don't realize is that the stick or knife is just a tool to heighten the threat level and accentuate the skill/coordination required for training. The same techniques apply to empty-hand work as well with little to no modification of technique. Therefore, theoretically, once the skill is established with regards to weapons training, the empty hand work heightens as a byproduct therefore making for a much more skilled martial artist in a shorter amount of time. It is amazing how much creativity and practicality there is in FMA training. And the fact that it doesn't require any practitioner to have a greater physique but relies on technically superior movements and defense theory.

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Q: Why do you study arnis?
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