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You need to be able to react to the equipment and the skills you're doing. For example vault, when you run and hit the board you need to react to get to the vault table and the react to the table in order to land it.

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Q: Why do you need reaction time for gymnastics?
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Do swimmers need reaction time?

swimmers need a good reaction time because they need to time then to come of the block and enter the water

Why is Reaction time important in gymnastics?

Reaction time is very important in gymnastics for several reasons. The main reason is because there is a 100% chance you are going to fall sometime during your career in gymnastics. The question is, would you rather fall on your face, or have the reaction time to put your hands down to break the fall? You gotta be quick!!

How do you play gymnastics?

You play gymnastics with your body strength. I researched it! Just in case you need to know. I needed to know for a report one time.

Is there a science experiment for gymnastics?

In gymnastics you will need to have an experiment for gymnastics when you are doing a research

Do you need a leotard for gymnastics?

Yes you do need a leotard for gymnastics though I'm not sure why.

Does soccer need reaction time?

You need good reaction time to play soccer as it can be a very fast game and you often have to make quick decisions.

Why is reaction time needed for badminton?

they need good reaction time because when they see the shuttlecock coming they need to act instantly to return the shuttlecock

Why do cheerleaders need a good reaction time?

Who knows really. Ask a gymnastics coach. Well mine to be exact! Lol!

Do you need gymnastics for parkour?


What jobs need a fast reaction time?


Why do you need to know the basic positions in gymnastics?

We need to know them simply because we can't step into the advanced positions in gymnastics.

Does gymnastics use force?

Yes, gymnastics does use force. Force is actually one of the most importan requirements in gymnastics. You need force to push up into a handstand, you need force to kick over in a backbend, you need force to push off the ground when you rebound, you need force for alot of things in gymnastics.