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cause u you do

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Q: Why do you need a physical exam to play football?
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Does your teenage son need a physical before playing football?

Yes, your son needs a physical before being able to play football. A physical is required to play on any sports team in school, so they are officially recognized as 'fit to play'.

Do you need to play football to play pro football?


Why is strength important in Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football is a fast and physical field sport. As such the players need to be very strong and fit to play it at the top level.

What degree do you need to get to play pro football?

you dont need a degree to play football

What do you need to know to play pro football?

you need to know almost every subject to play pro football. u need math to get the right angle to score or cross, you need language arts to communicate wwith your players. you need physical education to stay fit, and you need art to show your creativeness on the field

What equipments you need to play football?

football and people to play

What do you need to wear to play football?

You need a jersey, shorts, stockings and shingaurds as well as football boots to play a match.

What jobs do you need for football?

you dont if you play football

How do you need to play football?

what kind of football soccer or something

Can deaf - people play in man united football team?

Yes deaf can play football, in football you need good feet and eyes.

Do you have to be rough to play Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football is a physical sport, but there is also a lot of skill and speed required, so it isn't necessary to be rough to play it.

What college degree do you need to go to pro football?

Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football. Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football.

Is it hard to play football?

This is all down to the physical ability of the person attempting to play. Hand & eye coordination must also be taken into account. To be 'good' at the sport of football, it requires practice, after all, practice makes perfect. You need to get a feel for the ball at your feet.

What gear do you need to play American football?

to play American football you need a helmet shoulder pads jock strap football pants with knee pads thigh pads hip pads and a tail pad

What do you need to play football?

football pants shoulder pads a mouth piece andcletes

How can you play in an English football club?

If you mean how to get a contract , you need to go to trails play for a local football team and you will get noticed i started playing for a football club when i was 7 now i am good at football.

How old do you need to be to play football?

I played tackle football when I was about eight, and I know for a fact you can play flag football at younger ages. In New Jersey there are leagues called Pop Warner football.

Why people like to play football?

Because it's a fit and a famous physical sport.

Do you need a head coach to play football?


What physical requirements do you need to have in order to play in the NFL?

NFL players have a diversity of physical attributes. In order to play in the NFL, players need speed, agility, endurance, and must be in top physical shape.

Should you play football if your leg hurts?

Yes. Physical activity will relieve the emotional pain your leg is feeling. Also, you need to be supportive of your leg in this fragile time during its life.

How many NFL players get injured in a year?

Well from watching these football players play probably hundreds since football is such a physical sport.

What health conditions don't allow you to play football?

Soccer or Football is a very physically taxing game. Therefore any physical injury, particularly to the torso or legs dont allow to play. Even heart or respiratory conditions make it tough for one to play football

How many years of college do you need to be a football player?

you dont always need college to be a football player but you have to go to college to play college football

Can you pull your goalie in football like they do in hockey?

No. In hockey, you can substitute without a stoppage in play. In football (american soccer) you need to wait for play to stop.