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Baseball is considered a full contact sport. There are many times that you can be hit in the groin. They normally require guys to wear them so they have a higher chance of not getting injured.


You'd be wise to fit a cup in there somewhere too because foul tips and base runners inevitably make body contact in usually the most sensitive places.

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Boys can wear a jockstrap to hold a protective cup in place, which protects you from a direct hit in the genitals. Or, a boy can wear a jockstrap just for support, to keep everything from bouncing and moving while he runs or works out.

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Q: Why do you have to wear a jockstrap under your baseball pants?
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Do you ware under ware over a jockstrap?

Not usually. You just wear gym shorts, or your regular sports pants.

How do you make a protective cup less visible when playing baseball?

i am 13 and I play baseball and wear a protective cup. over the years I have been experimenting with different ways to make the cup less visible because it can be embarrassing sometimes. I would suggest first wearing a jockstrap with a cup underneath it and NOT in the pouch. it will still stay in and function properly but not be very visible. the second suggestion is to wear black baseball pants. the darker the less visible it gets. better yet, do both. I wear a jockstrap and black pants and you can`t tell that I am wearing a cup, even when you are close. it is totally normal to wear a jockstrap and it has more comfort and protection. hope this helps!

Where do you wear you sliding pad if you have baseball pants on?

you wear a sliding pad under your pants and on top of your socks. if u put it over your pants then your pants will rub on your leg and give u a rash.

Should you wear a jockstrap over your underwear?

Nothing to it....... Jocks can be worn any time you feel like it. Particularly if you are changing in the school gym! It's REAL macho........................not like these baggy bloomers of BOXER SHORTS most boys are made to wear.

Do swimmers wear a jock cup?

Most swimmers just wear Speedo or Speedo-like swimming suits. Some swimmers wear a "swimmers jockstrap" too. A "swimmers jockstrap" has a narrow 1-inch waist-band, which is smaller than the standard 3-inch waist-band of a standard jockstrap. The narrower 1-inch waistband will not reveal the jockstrap as much and the jockstrap waist-band will stay under the swimming suit. However, male swimmers who want to show a bigger "package" may chose to wear a cup-jockstrap under their swimming suit to enhance their masculine appearance. But they don't really need the protection of a cup when they are swimming. So it is all a mater of personal preference.

Who should wear a jockstrap?

men and women

Do you have to shave your public hair to wear a jockstrap?


Is the dress for baseball and softball the same?

No its not. In baseball you wear longs tight pants and in softball you wear shorts.

What do Americans call pants?

trousers Or if you mean what do they call the things you wear under your trousers etc then they call them under pants

What player wear?

cups Baseball socks baseball pants hat jersey and cleats

Why do baseball players no longer wear tight baseball pants?

its no longer cool

Do you wear sliding pads under your pants?

Yes or the pants will rub and give you big strawberries!