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You don't.

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Q: Why do you have to take five deep breaths just before the start of 100 meter race?
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What is one way to calm your feelings before taking a test?

take a few deep breaths

When you pause to take some deep breaths before reacting you are allowing which part of your brain to respond?


How do you stay calm before a physical?

Take deep breaths, get a good nights sleep, do something relaxing before your physical like reading or listening to music.

How To Increase your Lung Capacity?

Take deep breaths.

How can you stop yourself from being violent towards others?

Well. Before you try to hurt somebody, run over to a quite place and just take deep breaths. I never tryed to hurt somebody, but if i did, I would take deep breaths and do what i did. Then go say sorry to him or her. Tell me if it works!

Why do Ribs hurt when you wake up?

This happens to me too. Does it hurt to take in deep breaths? Does it get better after you walk around a little and take in deep breaths for a little while?

What might a person do to calm nerves before a first date?

Have a drink, bath/shower, smoke, bite to eat, take deep breaths

How do you not be nervouse?

Take deep breaths and count to ten slowly

How can you increase the amount of respiration in your body?

Take deep breaths.

What do you do if you are afraid of the dentist?

before you go there you relax take some deep breaths and don't think about bad things that you think will happen to you . and you'll be alright :)

Your hands shake real bad and you try to take deep breaths before hand and it doesnt stop how can you control it?

You might try beta-blockers.

How can you stop being shy in front of a girl you really like?

deep breaths before, also, I know it sounds lame but practise starting conversations with her in your mirror, just work on things you would like to talk to her about and when you do, just deep breaths and calm. also some girls like shy guys so roll with it!