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Q: Why do you have to be a certain up to a certain age to compete in the Olympics?
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How can you sign up to compete in the Olympics?

To sign up to compete in the Olympics you have to go through the trials in your country and attain the Olympic qualification scores.

Why does Australia compete in the Olympics?

To show up China

How many countries participated in the greek Olympics?

In the original Greek Olympics only men from the city states that made up Greece were aloud to compete in the Olympics!

How old do you need to be to compete in figure skating?

You can compete at any age, assuming that you can stand up on skates. Competitions make sure that younger kids aren't thrown in with the sixteen year olds, and it's actually good to start early. For the olympics, though, the minimum age is 15.

How old do you need to be to compete in the Olympics?

16 years old... but swimming and diving you can be 15 years old, and up.

How did Tom Daley get to compete in the Olympics?

By hard training and competing in other competitions. He went up the ranks and into Olympic category for England.

What age is cut off for Olympics?

Any age that you won't some people are in there late thirtys and go up the olympics. It's about how well you do your sport not how old you are.

Where can you sign up to compete in the Olympics 2016?

You don't. The way to get to the olympics is to get real good at a sport, National Championship winner good, then wait until your national olympic committe asks you to participate.

How old do you have to be to complete in the Olympics?

you must be 15 that year of the Olympics, ( this is up for debate) some people have been known to lie about their age, there is no age barrier when you are an adult, some have competed at the age of 60 and older.

Why do you have to be a certain age to sign up for twitter?

Because people under a certain age shouldn't be subjected to certain topics of conversation, language etc.

At what age do cats throw up hairballs?

There is no certain age during which cats throw up hairballs.

In what year was dressage first featured in the Olympics?

Dressage made its debut in the 1900 summer Olympics in Paris, France. It then disappeared until 1912 but has featured in the Olympics ever since, although up until the 1952 games only military officers were aloud to compete.

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