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Q: Why do you have the summer and winter games every 4 years?
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Related questions

How often are they olymipc Games held?

The Olympic games are held every 2 years. The summer and winter Olympic games alternate every 2 years, so it will be 4 years in between each summer games and likewise for the winter games.

Why do they only have the olympic games every four years?

This is not true. The summer games happen every four years and so do the winter games. Example: Summer Games:2012 Winter Games: 2014 etc...

How often are the Olympic Games held?

The Olympics Summer Games and the Olympics Winter Games are held two years apart, so there are Olympic contests held every other year.Another way of looking at it is this: The Olympics Summer Games are held every four years; likewise, the Winter Olympics Games are held every four years.Upcoming Games and venues include:2012, Summer Games: London, England2014, Winter Games: Sochi, Russia2016, Summer Games: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2018, Winter Games: Pyeongchang, South Korea2020, Summer Games: Tokyo, JapanEvery 4 years.

Is the Olympics every 2 or 4 years?

The summer Olympics and the winter Olympics run on a four year cycle. Basically every two years there is either a summer or winter games [winter:1998,2002,2006,2010,2014] [summer:2000,2004,2008,2012.2016].

How often do the winter Olympics occure?

The Winter Olympics, like the Summer Olympics, occur every four years. The Winter and Summer Games are separated by two years so that there can be an Olympics every two years.

How often do the Olympic games occur?

The Olympics are held every four years. However the Summer and Winter Olympics are not held in the same year. There is a two year gap between the Summer and Winter Olympics. There are Summer Olympic games in 2012 and 2016 and 2020 and every four years after that. There are Winter Olympics games in 2014, 2018, 2022 and every four years after that.

How many games and events are at the summer and winter olympic games?

Every $ years.

How often are the Olympics played?

The Olympic games are played every four years. But the Summer and Winter Olympics are "staggered", so that there is an Olympic Games every two years (summer, winter, summer winter, etc). The tradition of the Summer Olympics began in 1896. There have been several games not played due to World War I and World War II.

How often do the Summer Olymipics occur?

The Summer Olympics occur every............... 4 years.They occur every 4 years. Since 1994, summer and winter Olympic games occur every 2 years alternating. For example, in 2000, the summer Olympic games were held. Then in 2002, the winter Olympics took place.

Are the olympic games held every 6 years?

No, the winter and summer olympic games are each held every four years.

How often do the Olympics take place?

The Summer Olympics take place every four years and the Winter Olympics take place every four years. When considering both the Summer and Winter Games, it is an Olympic year every other year. The next Summer Games will be in 2012 in London and the next Winter Games will be held in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Why do they only have the 'Olympic' games every four years?

Because every two years,it switches off from summer to winter. So people competing in winter get four years to train. Same goes for the summer.

When did the olympic schedule change from all games every 4 years to winter and summer every 2 years?

1994 ... the Winter and Summer Olympics were last held in the same year in 1992.

Since 1994 the winter and summer games have been every?

Every 4 years. (2 years apart from summer and winter) So the winter games start January 12, 2010. So the previous games have been played in 2006, 2002, 1998 and 1994 (4 years earlier) The summer games took place 2 years ago (2008) and the summer games previous to that have been in 2004, 2000 and 1996 (4 years earlier)

Which of the following statements about the X Games is true?

The summer X games focus on the street sports; the winter X Games on the slope sports.the games have international popularityThe Summer X Games focus on street sports; the Winter X Games on slope sports.apex : The Summer X Games focus on street sports;the Winter X Games on slope sports

How often do the Olympic games happen?

Every 4 years there are the Summer Olympics, and every 4 years there are the Winter Olympics. So every 2 years there are Olympic Games.

How often are the summer Olympic games held?

The summer Olympic Games, like the winter Olympic Games, are held every four years.

How much rest do Olympics get?

The Summer Modern Olympic Games occur every four years since 1896. The Winter Modern Olympic Games also occur every four years since 1924. So, since there were Summer Olympic Games in 2008, there will be Winter Olympic Games in 2010, and more Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

How long between summer and winter Olympics?

The Winter Games are about 1½ years after the Summer Games; the Summer Games are about 2½ after the Winter Games.

How often do the Olympics games held?

Every two years if you include summer and winter, if not then it's every four years

Which cities hosted the two Olympic Games that were only two years apart?

1992 featured both Summer and Winter games, in Barcelona, Spain and Albertville, France. Then the IOC decided to hold the winter games staggered from the Summer games, so in 1994 the winter games were held in Lillehammer, Norway. Now the winter games are held every four years, but there is some form of Olympic competition every two years.

When is the summer 2010 Olympics?

There are no Summer Olympic games. The Olympics take place every 4 years and the last one was 2008 in Beijing. The next Summer games will be 2012 in London. The Winter and Summer Olympics switch off every 2 years so that be why you are confused. There were 2010 Winter Olympics but there will not be 2010 Summer Olympics.

Do the modern Olympic games occur every 4 years?

Each season's Games occur every four years and are staggered by two years. This means there is an Olympic Games every two years. This year (2008), the Summer Olympics are held. In 2010, the Winter Olympics will be held. In 2012, the Summer Olympics will be held. In 2014, the Winter Olympics will be held.

How many years are there between the summer and winter games?

There are two years between the summer and winter games.

How often does olympic games occur?

Summer Olympics in every 4 years; in between there are the winter Games