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bcs the computer is become idiot

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Q: Why do you get init error in mafia before starting the game?
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What is a PS2 game starting with m?

mafia 1

How do you fix the wrong disc inserted error for your mafia torrent?

how to fix error"wrong disc inserted" for mafia:the city of lost heavens pc game

What is epic mafia?

Mafia is a party game created in the USSR. epic mafia is an online version of that game found at

What type of game is Mafia Wars?

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer browser game created by Zynga.

What is 'jailed' on Mafia Wars?

On Mafia Wars you can't get jailed. On Mobsters a similar game to Mafia Wars you can get jailed though.

What is the rating of the Mafia 2 game?

Mafia 2 will be rated an 18 (or M for mature)

How do you get an automatic shotgun in Mafia Wars?

In Mafia Wars (game) Where can I find an automatic shotgun ?

Where can you accept mafia family request?

Assuming you mean a mafia game, you should have the option to accept family members in the game or on the social network where you play the game.

Are there cheat codes for the game Mafia Wars?

There aren't cheat codes for Mafia Wars anymore.

Top ten game sHow is of the 1950s?

Godfather I, godfather II, mafia I, mafia II ...

Is the game Mafia Wars free?


How do you win at Mafia Wars?

Play the game