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It is there uniform

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Q: Why do wrestlers wear trunks?
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Do wrestlers wear underwear?

Most wrestlers don't wear underwear.

What do boxers wear?


Do pro wrestlers wear cups?


What do people wear at the ocean?

Men wear trunks. They're like shorts but you can swim in them. Women wear a bikini and something that looks like trunks.

Why wrestling wear underwear?

They don't they wear wresting trunks

What do WWE wrestlers wear?

They wear clothing! Have a nice day

What should male swimmer wear?

Most male swimmers wear swimming trunks that are long. There are also some men that prefer to wear speedo swim trunks.

Which athletes wear earguards and singlets?


What do men wear when swimming?

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

Do boys wear underwear underneath their swim trunks?


Why do most wrestlers wear wristbands?

Because they like to

What uniform do wrestlers wear?

It's called a singlet.

Why do female wrestlers wear leggings?

to protect there legs

What athletes wear singlets and ear guards?


Which wrestlers wear masks?

which wrestler wears a mask

Why do wrestlers wear headgear?

well, sometime Matt or more techniqual wrestlers, (not pro wrestlers) wear headgear is to prevent themselves from getting cauliflower ears from the Matt. (which basicly makes your ears big and puffy).

Why didn't ancient Greek wrestlers wear clothes?

All athletes contested naked, so too did the wrestlers.

What type of clothing are you allowed to wear at the pools?

swimming trunks

Why do wrestlers wear underwear?

to cover up there penis and there balls

What is swimming trunks?

swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming

What type of underwear does Maksim Chmerkovskiy wear?

Square cut trunks.

What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

Why do wrestlers wear red or blue?

cos dey say it is awesome

What kind of clothes are worn in Africa?

you can wear anything that is comfortable you can also wear a bikini, swim trunks, or you can wear nothing if you please.

What clothing is typically worn foe playing volleyball?

Women wear bikinis Men wear shorts or trunks