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Buoyancy in water can be due to a number of factors. The biggst one being the difference in physical makeup between men and women. When swimming the heaviest part of our body is our pelvis which is why we generally more inclined to be in an up right position in water. (Generally for people who rarely swim).

Being the child bearers or the species, women tend to carry more fat around our pelvis and thigh area and because we have wider set hips we tend to float better.

Cultural differences can also come into play here as different ethnicities have a different type of genetic makeup. People of an Asian background are more likely to be narrower whereas people of a European background can be found to be more fuller figured.

To help with buoyancy all you need to remember is that because our pelvis is the heaviest part whatever we do to our head will affect our leg posionting and vice versa. A good head position for say freestyle would be to have your head under the water not just your face.

NOTE- I have tried my best to word this as good as possible but my apologies if I have offended anyone in my answer.

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Yes, women do float easier then men because the women have more fat tissue than men and have a better distribution of it, their bones are less heavy and smaller, and their muscles are more flexible and lightweight.

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Actually, for a man and woman who weigh the same amount, they have identical fat, bone, and muscle density. They just won't have the same amount of each. The prime difference is in percentage of body weight that is fat, as fat is significantly less dense than water (both muscle and bone being more dense than water). Even a woman in good shape will have at least 10% body fat, while a comparable man will have 5% or less.

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Q: Why do women float more easily in water than men?
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Can swimmer float more easily on a freshwater or an ocean?

The more salt there is in the water, the easier it is to float.

How does the salinity of water affect how well objects can float or sink in the water?

the higher the salinity the more easily an object can float

In what type of water would a swimmer float more easily is it salt water or fresh water?


What are objects that easily float?

Anything that has a density that is lower than water will float. The lower something's density is, the more buoyancy it will have.

Why person not float in sea water?

A person will actually float in sea water, even more easily than in fresh water because of the sea's salt content.

What type of water would a swimmer float more easily?

Objects always have more buoyancy in denser fluids than less dense fluids. Therefore, swimmers would float more easily in very salty water.FUN FACT:The Dead Sea, in Jordan, Israel, is so salty that you can float on the surface!

Do objects float more easily in salt water or fresh water?

Adding Salt to the water increases the density of the water, and therefore makes it weight more per capita. This in turn causes the salty water to push down with more force then water with no salt, causes things that may not float, to float, and things that already float in normal water, to float higher in salty water.

Does the kind of water you float a boat in make a difference?

yes, if the water has salt in it it will be denser than if it does not, therefore the boat will float more easily e.g. the dead sea. if it's tap water or other water other factors will affect it.

Why does Milo float to the top of the cup?

The density of the milo granules is less than that of water, hence they float. However they are also soluable, and more easily dissolvable in warm or hot milk.

Would you float more easily in water in a planet of less gravity than that on earth?

No you would sink fasters as water molecules would be farther apart.

How does the presence of salt in water affect the upthrust of the water on a ship?

Salt makes the water denser or heavier if you like. the result is that anything including ships will float more easily.

Do people float more easily in salt water or fresh water?

An object floats because the amount of water it displaces weighs more than the object floating. If the fluid in which something is floating weighs more than water the object will float higher. When salt disolves in water it makes the water heavier, causing the object to float higher. The floating object can be a boat, a piece of wood or a person, it doesn't really matter. The principles of physics are applied equally.