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People use their feet to run with the ball, and to kick it, and to punt it.

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Q: Why do they call it football if you use your hands?
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How are soccer and football different?

Soccer you can't use ur hands u use ur feet and in football u use ur hands and ur feet to run

What do they use to kick a football?

they use there hands what do you think by Ethan hill

What are the biggest differences between basketball and football?

football has a goal basketball has a net football you use your feet basketball you use your hands football you use a football basketball you use a basketball football you use a pitch basketball you use a court there is loads

Why do Americans call it football when most of the time players use their hands?

The origins of American football are linked to rugby, also called football, where the hands are used more often than the feet in terms of controlling possession of a game ball, and in turn stems from association football ("soccer"), from which all such games are variations of.

What do you call the ball use in football?

A football or pig skin

Can you hold on defense in football?

No, its called illegal use of hands.

Do football players with larger hands better at catching the football then football players with smaller hands?

Football ball players with larger hands, Larger hands means its less likely for the football to slip out, that and a strong group

What do you call some one who can use both hands?


How do you call deer with your hands only?

Use sign language

Is football-soccer the only sport you can't use your hands?

Some players can use their hands in soccer, like the goalkeeper or players taking throw-ins.

How are baseball and football similar?

Because they are both sports, and they both allow you to use your hands.

What is the name of the ball that they use in football games?

A football......... Or some people call it a pig skin.

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