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they jump so hog high because they need to be able to catch their prey

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a grasshopper can jump 4 inch

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Q: Why do the jumping spiders jump so high?
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How HIGH can the best jumping spider jump How FAR can the best jumping spider jump?

Jumping spiders can jump horizontally about 25 times their body length. The average jumping spider is about 10mm or less, so that's really not that far (about one foot). That distance is only achieved when they are fleeing something, though. Most regular, non-pressured jumps are just a few centimeters in distance. (source: Biology of Spiders by Rainer Foelix)I'm not sure how high they can jump, though. Can't be that high...

How far Can a jumping spider jump?

That is sort of a trick question. Spiders do not engage in athletic contests, so they have no idea of trying to jump just to see how far they can go. Jumping spiders jump as far as they need to in order to reach their prey. They have rarely been observed to fail to catch prey because they jump but fail to reach that far. So they clearly have a good sense of their own limitations. They are likely to creep as near to their prey as they can get without being noticed. So there is probably a reserve margin of jumping capability that jumping spiders rarely use. Just as sumo wrestlers are rarely broad jump champions, heavy-bodied jumping spiders do not jump for as many times their own body length as do light-bodied jumping spiders. A recent study of one small spider showed that it could jump 15 times its body length. The Zebra spider is about the same size, so it probably could jump around 3 inches too.

Can spiders jump on you?

Some spiders have the ability to jump while others do not. So yes, -some- spiders can jump on you.

How did earl manigault jump so high?

He practiced his whole childhood with ankle weights on to improve his jumping heighth.

How high can a llama jump?

Well i have that llama that can jump higher then me pretty much but i know a guy that has had a llama jump a 6ft jump so it really all depends on if a llama is fat or skinny if you have a fat llama they dont jump as high but if u have a good weight or skin they can jump higher because its less weight. or some are just to lazy they just dont jump high but to get them out of being lazy on jumping you have to make them jump more it will make them understand to jump and not be so lazy!

Can Grasshoppers jump high?

Yes, they use their powerful hind legs for jumping. They jump as high as 4in. a avrage grasshoper is 1 inch so it can jump 20 times its self so it can jump 20 inches and the height would be 5inches on ginnues world records in recorded 20feet

Do jumping spiders jump?

Jumping spiders jump. They use their 'silk' not in a web, but they harness it around a twig or something similar. When they spot their prey, they lunge forward and wrap the food up to eat. If the spider misses, then the string acts as a little safety cord so the spider doesn't fall down to its death. The jumping spider just pulls itself back up and tries again.

Is long jump a jumping event?

i think so

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their is only one sixth the gravity on the moon compared to earth, so when you jump its like jumping in water, or throwing a feather or a piece of paper in the air.

How jumpy is a jumping jack?

mega fatties try to jump jacks but die from a heart attack and high cholesterol so eat your cheerios!

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