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The NCAA ball is slightly smaller and has white stripes inset from either end, running halfway around the ball (on the two panels that join the laces).

Typical collegiate balls are 11.25 to 11.5 inches long by 6.7 inches max diameter.

Official NFL footballs are by 6.7 to 6.8 inches in diameter and with a length of 11.9 inches.

This is defined by:

Short Circumference: 20 3/4"- 21 1/4"

Long Circumference 27 3/4 "- 28 1/2'

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Q: Why do the NFL and NCAA use different size footballs?
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Are NCAA footballs larger than NFL footballs?

no, nfl footballs are a little larger than ncaa footballs

Is there a difference between an official NCAA standard size football and an official NFL standard size football and if so what is the difference?

There is a difference. NFL footballs are larger, longer and heavier. NCAA footballs are smaller, shorters and lighter.

Is a football a different size in the NFL than in high school?

Yes. High school and college (NCAA) footballs are slightly smaller and lighter.

Which football is bigger NFL or NCAA?

I think that the NFL footballs are bigger in width and NCAA in length

Are footballs in high schools different from official NFL footballs?

Yes, high school footballs are smaller and usually have two white stripes (NCAA regulation) near the ends.

Are high school footballs the same size as NFL footballs?


What are all the sizes of footballs used by the NFL?

The NFL only uses one size of footballs. And that is "Official Size" or "Sunday Size".

Is an NCAA football the same size as an NFL football?

No. NFL footballs are longer and skinnier than college balls. This makes it easier to throw an NFL ball but easier to kick an NCAA ball. Both the NCAA and the NFL footballs have the same specifications. The specifications of these footballs are: Short Circumference: 20 3/4"- 21 1/4": Long Circumference 27 3/4 "- 28 1/2 "; Weight: approximately 14-15 oz.

When did the NFL and the AFL start using the same size footballs?

When did the NFL and the AFL start using the same size footballs

What is the length of an NFL football?

The NFL, NCAA and high schools use footballs that are 11 to 11.25 inches long.

Is the size of a NFL football different than that of a NCAA football?

Yes the NFL ball is larger

What sizes do footballs come in?

The standard football is a size 5-6 inches. An NCAA football is smaller than the NFL ball as it is only 5 inches while a NFL is 5.5-6.3in.

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