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It has become a holiday tradition to have one of the NFL's most popular (and most disliked) teams host a Thanksgiving Day game.

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Q: Why do the Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving?
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Why do the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always play games on Thanksgiving?

It is just TRADITION

What year did the Dallas Cowboys not play during Thanksgiving day?

The Cowboys first played on Thanksgiving Day in 1966. Since then, the only seasons the Cowboys did not play on Thanksgiving were 1975 and 1977.

Do the Dalllas Cowboys play in Thanksgiving every season?

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions play on Thursday in Thanksgiving every year.

Do NFL players take time off for Thanksgiving?

Yes, except for the cowboys and lions who always play on thanksgiving vs 2 random teams.

Who does Dallas Cowboys play Thanksgiving Day?


In 2007 who did the Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving?


Have the cowboys always played Thanksgiving game at 3PM?

The Cowboys have traditionally played their afternoon Thanksgiving Day game after the Detroit Lions' contest.

What years didn't the cowboys play on thanksgiving?

1975 and 1977

Who will Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving 2009?

The Oakland Raiders

When did the saints play on Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving Day in 2010, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium, 30-27.

What time do the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving 2011?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins will play on Thanksgiving Day, 2011 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The game will be televised by CBS Sports at 4:15 p.m. EST.

What team did the Dallas Cowboys play Thanksgiving 1993?

The Cowboys lost to the Miami Dolphins, 16-14, on Thanksgiving Day (November 25) 1993.

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