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Detroit Lions have won 33 games out of the last 73 games they have played on Thanksgiving Day. They started playing every Thanksgiving Day in 1935

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Q: How many of the 68 Thanksgiving day games have the Detroit Lions won?
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How many games have the Detroit Lions won on Thanksgiving?

The Lions' record on Thanksgiving Day is 33-36-2.

How many games have the Detroit lion s won on Thanksgiving day from 1980?

Since 1980 the Detroit Lions have won 14 games on Thanksgiving.

How many times has Detroit Lions played on thanksgiving day?


How many years has Detroit Lions played on thanksgiving?

56 years

How many times did Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions on thanksgiving?


How many times have the Green Bay Packers played the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving?

From the Detroit Lions website: The Lions have played the Packers the most of any franchise on Thanksgiving with 16 meetings between the two teams. Detroit and Chicago have battled a total of 15 times. The Lions have played 21 different NFL teams on Thanksgiving Day.

How many times did the dallas cowboys play the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving day?

The two teams have never played on Thanksgiving because they traditionally host games on the holiday. In 2010, the Cowboys defeated the Lions at Cowboys Stadium, 35-19, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

How many times have the Detroit Lions defeated the Green bay packers on thanksgiving?

Three times?

How many times have the Green Bay Packers beaten the Detroit Lions on thanksgiving day?


Why do Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving?

Its a tradition started by the first Detroit Lions owner G.A. Richardson who in an attempt to boost attendence to Lions games set up the first Thanksgiving day game in 1934. The Lions played the undefeated Chicago Bears to a very close loss 16-19 but so many people listened on the radio and full crowd at the game made history as a classic was born and the Lions have played Thanksgiving day ever since.

As of today how many games have the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings won?

The answer is 59.

How many games did the Detroit Lions win in 2010?


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