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you just need to have confidence and cup your hands when you swim move your legs as fast as you can and that should do it.

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Q: Why do swimmers need to swim faster?
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Does a penguin walk faster than it can swim?

No, Penguins are much faster swimmers then they are 'walkers' on land.

Why do swimmers need flexibility?

So when they start to swim there not so and can swim

Why do swimmers need carbohydrates?

Carbs give you energy, and that's what most swimmers need to swim many laps.

Do tigers need to have water to swim in?

No, but they are strong swimmers.

Do swimmers with big feet swim faster?

Yes , considering the fact that they know how to use their feet.

What is something that makes swimming swim faster?

Swimmers can wear fins/flippers, and paddles to assist in speed.

Do you sWim faster in a deeper swimming pool?

It is said that you do - because there is less turbulance reaching the swimmers on the surface.

Are men stronger swimmers then women?

to some extent yes they usually have faster competitive swim times

What type of swimming gears do swimmers need for swimming?

If you're on a swim team or in swimming lessons, you would need goggles, a swimsuit, and maybe a swim cap.

Do European swimmers swim in the left lane?

Yes European swimmers tend to swim in the left lane :)

What do you need to wear to go Olympic Swimming?

You need to wear your swim suit, swim cap and goggles. There are also some Olympic swimmers that also wear a nose clip.

How do olympic swimmers train?

they swim and they swim a lot

Why do swimmers need cardiovascular endurance?

it allows them to swim for a long period of time without fitigue

Swimmers often wear swim caps and shave the hair from their bodies so that they can swim faster What force is reduced that will enable them to swim at a greater speed?

It is the drag that all the hair causes. If it is shaved off or covered, it will make the swimmer more streamlined, which means they will move faster. Drag

Why do people wear swim hats?

Either they don't want to get their hair wet or their hair slows them down and they want to swim faster. That's the same reason olympic swimmers shave their arms and legs.

Can does dogs swim?

yes, dogs can swim, there are born swimmers

Why do dolphins swim so fast?

Dolphins swim fast because they need to be able to catch their prey. The fish that dolphins eat are very fast swimmers.

Do swimmers shave their pubic area?

Hey guysyes people or swimmers do shave they pubic hairs because of the swim wear in training being a swimmer my self yes all the girl at my club do because they are boys every were and what we are wearing are high cut swimsuits so the answer is really YESLoza.B.If they're hairless, they'll swim faster.

How weird is it for a guy to shave his armpits?

To be honest it's not wierd at all. Swimmers do it to swim faster. Others do it just because it makes them feel more cleaner.

Can elks swim?

Elk are very good swimmers. They are very strong swimmers too

Do egrets or herons swim underwater?

No, they are waders, not swimmers.

What do swimmers wear and why?

swimmers wear bathing suits or speedos because the outfit helps them swim faster. Swimmers wear suits. They wear suits because it reduces drag, compared to clothes. swimmers also wear a type of suit called jons. Thoes go to your knees and they help you drop several seconds. But they only last usually 15 wears.

What are the qualifications to be a swimmer in the Olympics?

for swimming there is a meet called Olympic trials to reach that point there are tie standards you must reach. From that point the swimmers swim once in prelims where the top 16 move on to semi finals once the swimmers swim here the Field narrows even more down to 8 swimmers finally the swimmers swim one last race in the finals the top two swimmers in that race go to the Olympics

Can an elephant swim?

Yes, they are good swimmers.

How do penguins get on icebergs?

They swim there. They are great swimmers.