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To reduce drag

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Q: Why do some swimmers sometimes shave their hair when they swim?
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Is it gay for guys to shave their legs?

Not necessary. Some swimmers shave their legs and entire body for less resistance in the water.

Do models shave their arms?

Some models shave their arms. Model, swimmers and body builders all tend to shave their arms. It is personal preference unless the photographer asks you to.

What are some of the ways that competitive swimmers can decrease the amount of friction between themselves and the water through which the swim?

Most competitive swimmers will shave all body hair except the hair on their heads to lessen the amount of friction between themselves and the water. They also might wear a swimsuit that reflects water instead of soaking it up.

Why some girls don't shave armpits hair?

Because after you shave off the hair, when it grows back, it will be twice as thick/long as it was before...

Did Justin Bieber shave his hair for cancer?

no First, no..... he didn't shave all his hair. Just some of it.... But, he sold his cut hair online and sold it on ebay. The money he got, he gave to charity

What do men shave?

Most men in most cultures shave their face, no real reason to do so, just a cultural norm. The practice of face shaving may originate in a desire to be younger since facial hair comes with puberty & all young are born without visible facial hair. In some cultures and religions (ie.. Amish, some sects of Muslim's) it is forbidden for adult men to shave their faces. Today you will find some group that shaves any or all body hair for very personal reasons, Bike riders and swimmers tend to shave legs & head, others shave genitals & all the rest for sexual reasons. Shaving or not is a very personal choice for most men.

Why does the hair not grow on your husbands legs?

He may shave them But for some people husband's legs they do grow hair.

Do males shave their pubic hair?

Some do, some just trim. I believe men shave for several reasons, and one of which is religious in nature (i.e., Muslims - and Muslim males also shave their axillary hair). It may also be for hygiene purposes. And for some, it's just a fashion statement and may be for males who dislike hair.

Why do some women have more hairy pussy hair than other?

they shave it

Can boys shave their legs?

Sure they can. but unless they're serious cyclists or swimmers they can expect some ridicule from their friends. They can be gay too. so if they shave their legs, ask them why. Sure, it makes you feel good, i love it.

Do WWE superstars shave?

not all of them because if they would shave they will have to shave every time cause hair grows every second.some wrestlers dont shave and dont have any type of body hair.some wrestlers dont shave but do have body hair and some do and all depends.the following superstars dont shave randy orton john cena.

Do you want to shave your butt hair?

Well I personally don't want to, I have some hair on my "cheeks" but I'm a guy. Some girls though, may want to shave, that's not wrong but, if they grow some dark or noticeable gluteal hair I may understand, but why otherwise be so obsessed?

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