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Q: Why do some people like hockey when basketball is more exciting?
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Sport most people pay to see?

Most people like fighting,basketball, football, soccer, hockey and baseball.

Comparison between hockey and basketball?

In both sports you are trying to score more goals/baskets than the other team. You also have five people out on the rink/court at one time. hockey is way better and basketball is an extremely wimpy sport But what really matters is what you think, if you like baksetball, then basketball is better, if you think hockey is better, then hockey is better.

What sports dose Justin bieber like to play?

Hockey and basketball

What was Peg childhood like?

Peg's childhood was exciting and fun for her. She loved to play Basketball.

What sports were played in the 1950s?

It should be obvious. Basketball, hockey stuff like that.

Which one should you do gymnastics or basketball?

it really depends what sport you like better, in my opinion i would do basketball because it is physically active and you can meet a whole lot of people and trust me it is exciting, also i don't know that much about gymnastics so i would do basketball

Does Justin Bieber like football?

What sport did Justin Bieber like?

hockey,basketball,baseballjbs fav spport is basketball. i think

What 5 sports do Barcelona like playing best?

People of Barcelona and the country of Catalonia in general like these 5 best: Football (soccer) Basketball Hockey Handball Motor sport

What is Justin Bieber like to do if he have no song?

play basketball, watch movies. play sports, (basketball, ice hockey) hang out with friends and family

Does Justin Bieber like soccer?

Why do people like the sport of basketball?

Basketball has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world. People like it because it is fast paced, athletic, high scoring, and full of exciting plays and moments. Many also like it because all you need is a ball and a park with a hoop to play, making it one of the cheaper sports to participate in.