Sport most people pay to see?

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Most people like fighting,Basketball, football, soccer, hockey and Baseball.

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Q: Sport most people pay to see?
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In the past did people pay to see jousting?

Yes jousting used to be a favorite sport . Still is!

What is Mexico's most popular sport?

Soccer (football) is the most popular sport in Mexico. See related questions for further details.

What is germany most popular sport?

Germany's most popular sport is football they are very good in the world cup as u can see

What do people use archery for?

They use it as a sport, for hunting, or as a weapon. It's mostly a sport, but can occasionally be found for hunting. It is most likely banned as a weapon. (see Suzanne Collins Hunger Games).

Do you have to pay to see youtube movies?

Most of them you pay for. well I think all of them.

How do you price your artwork?

You see how much people will pay for it.

Why are there tryouts?

To see if you'r good enough for the sport. A lot of people may try out so the coach will pick the ones who will be the most effective for the team.

Is curling a team sport or an individual sport?

Curling is a team sport. It is played by 2 teams of 4 people each. See the link for more information:

Are fighting sports good sport for people to see and watch on TV?

for sure

Is fishing the most dangerous sport in the world?

No it is not, see the related links for some of the most dangerous sports.

Why is boxing the most popular sport in Mexico?

It isn't. It is moderately popular, but overall, the most popular sport is soccer (football). See related questions for further details.

Is Ballet considered a sport?

It depends on who you are talking to. Some people do consider it a sport and some dont.

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