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Many NFL football players have brands on their arms because of the fraternities they were in during college

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Q: Why do some football players have Latin brands on their arms?
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Why do football players wear black bans on their arms?

There called forearms and players wear it for when they land to the ground.

Why do football players shave their arms?

because they need to run fater and if they hav hair on there arms it will slow them down.

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What are the thin bands you see football players wearing on their upper arms for?

They wear thin bands to make their muscles stand out and look bigger! ;)

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Why do football players wear arm bands on their forearm?

so that when their arms sweat it won't go down their arms and get on their hands so the ball will slip. ( usually the QB wares them for that, but every one else just does it to look cool.

Broken arms during football?

Broken arms do havppen in football. However, they usually occur from falling as opposed to being tackled or blocked.

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Why do basketball players where sleeves on their arms?

to keep their arms warm and loose so they don't cramp or get cold

The best stregrhs in the football field as a runningback?

The best strengthen as a running back is the arms. This is in football.

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The nba has grooming policies

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What football team nickname is toy baby with fish arms?


What are the muscles used to make a football tackle?

its the arms and core sections.