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they wear it when somebody past away.

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Q: Why do soccer players wear black tape on their upper arm not a captains arm band?
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What is the black arm band worn on upper arm and its purpose worn mainly by football players?

They are worn in mourning, as a sign of respect for a deceased person that the players knew.

What is a better athletic sport soccer or basketball?

Soccer by far. The size of soccer fields are much bigger than basketball courts. Also the shape that soccer players are in beats the shape of some basketball players one to none. occer players also play for a total of 90 minutes while in basketball it is 48 minutes. ( In soccer only 3 players can be switched out leaving 8 players on the field for the whole game, where as in basketball you can switched out at anytime.) Soccer is a combination of speed, endurance, stamina, skill, and teamwork. It is also a sport that uses strategy, strength, and your mind to find the best pass or to get around a defender. Basketball is more of upper arm strength and how the NBA stars look, soccer is played internationally. Both sports take a lot of training and skill however soccer has many more long term benefits.

Whose more athletic soccer players orfootball players?

Soccer players because they have to run more and put more effort into what they are doing. FOOTBALL SUCKS!!!------------------While obviously soccer players run for longer distances and for a longer period of time, that is not all there is to athleticism. Football involves speed, knowledge, running, throwing, catching, tackling, kicking, blocking, block shredding, and a whole mental game that goes a long with it. Soccer players have better cardio, in general better speed, kicking power, kicking precision, defending the net, and dribbling with the ball. None of that really relates to be athletic besides the running aspect. Yes, putting the top 25 fastest soccer players in a distance/speed race against the top 25 fastest football players, the soccer players win majority of the time. But in no way can you say soccer players are more athletic. Faster, yes. Athletic, no.The person above me is clearly a biased soccer fan.With that being said, gymnasts and MMA fighters are the best athletes, hands down.----------------------Well if you guys knew how to play soccer and what is to it then you would know how hard it is. In foot ball you do have to be strong and bulky to play the sport but you only need that energy for a little amount of time. So the team does a fail play and then they take a three minute brake and then start off another five second play following a five minute brake. Soccer on the other constant running, not stoping, one 10 minute brake after 45 minutes of playing. Also soccer players have to be incredibly fast and have to have amazing upper body strength, but anybody reading this would say no because they never scene or played real soccer before. So I think soccer players have to be more athletic and are.

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they are supose to go from the chest to upper thigh. this is stylish and effective

Who played soccer the rich middle class or poor?

At least in the British Commonwealth, soccer was traditionally a lower-class sport. The upper class played cricket or rugby.

Can the ball touch your upper arm in soccer?

A player may not deliberately touch the ball with their hands or arms.

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What are the black armbands on football players' upper arms?

According to the New York Times article (see related links below), the armbands are nothing more than the current fashion trend with the purpose of showing off their upper arm definition. Wearing the armbands (in many cases wristbands moved up to the upper arm) has no medical or performance benefit.

What are the thin ties that players wear on their upper arms?

Giving specimen for 10 pane UA.

What physical requirements are needed to be a soccer player?

you need to have a upper muscles like, quads and knees By: Mustafa yano

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The circumference of a size 3 soccer ball is 23 to 24 inches. Size 4 soccer balls are 25 to 26 inches in circumference. The size used in professional soccer and upper level youth leagues is size 5 which is 27 to 28 inches. The smaller size 2 soccer balls are promotional soccer balls.

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