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Goalkeepers in soccer are required to wear a differently-colored jersey by the Laws of the Game. This is in order to distinguish them from outfield players who cannot use their hands to play the ball. Additionally, many goalkeepers wear protective clothing, such as sweatpants and gloves, to protect them while performing the more-dangerous GK moves.

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Q: Why do soccer goalkeepers wear different attire?
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Is it legal for soccer goalkeepers to wear hand wraps?

In soccer, goalkeepers can wear any hand protection as long as it doesn't give them an unfair advantage and can't injure another player.

What do the soccer players have to wear?

Soccer players have to wear jerseys of the same color to their team, and different to their oppenents color. The Goalkeeper must wear a different color than his/her own team. Each player must wear soccer cleats, shinguards*, and socks that cover the shinguards. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear goalkeeper gloves. * also known as shin pads

Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

What soccer goalie wears the number 13?

Goalkeepers usually wear jersey number one 1.

Who protects the goalkeepers in soccer?

In soccer, goalkeepers are tasked to protect themselves. For physical protection from the likely injuries sustained from diving saves, goalkeepers are allowed to wear track suit bottoms as part of their uniform. Arguably, the goalkeeper position is often the most dangerous. Referees often give goalkeepers more leeway on conduct associated with dangerous play due to the inherent danger of the position.

Did the soccer goalkeeper wear the same color as different team?

Goalkeepers wear different coloured shirts to differentiate their position and the fact they are allowed to handle the ball within the penalty area. This must not be a similar colour as any of the outfield players including the opposition nor their goalkeepers shirt as on occasions they do go into the oppositions penalty area when a last minute equaliser is needed.

Can you wear a cap whilst playing soccer?

There is nothing stopping you, but only goalkeepers would wear one to keep the sun out of their eyes. All the other players need to head the ball.

What is something that you wear that start with letter A?

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When they originally started soccer did they have goalies?

In the form of the game we know today, there has always been goalkeepers, however they didn't wear gloves, so needed strong hands!

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