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Rugby players have a tough training. rugby players need to be 'big and strong' and so a high protein diet is necessary for 'growth and repair.' If you train, you should eat protein afterwards so your muscles can repair, and in laymans terms, it gets your muscles bigger.

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Q: Why do rugby players need to have a high protein diet?
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What does a rugby player eat to stay Healthy?

Players especially those in the high levels are provided with professional dietitian services. They normally have a high protein diet

High protien diet?

A high protein diet may be necessary for some people who have a protein deficiency. Lean meats such as turkey and chicken are great for a high protein diet.

Who would benefit from a high protein diet?

A high protein diet has many benefits as long as exercise is following the diet. Eating a high protein diet without exercising regularly can be very dangerous.

Can you drink diet pop on a high protein diet?


What diet is high in protein that will help me lose weight? All 3 of those deal with High Protein Diet's and weight loss. Good luck

Is legume included in a high protein diet?

Traditionally, a high protein diet mainly consists of meat, but if you eat enough legumes to sustain yourself it would still be considered a high protein diet.

Why are proteins important in the diet?

A high protein diet keeps you high in energy

Is the South Beach diet the only high protein diet?

No south beach is not the only high protein diet. There is also the Atkins diet. They basically are built on the same principles to eliminate carbs and eat more protein.

What is a low-carb high-protein diet?

A low-carb/high-protein diet is one where the percentage of calories consumed from carbohydrates is low and the percentage of calories consumed from protein is high.

What are some high protein diets?

High-Protein Diet for Weight Loss, Foods With Protein The study participants ate some 441 fewer calories a day when they followed this high-protein diet and regulated their own calorie intake. Another study ... High-Protein Diets Jan 3, 2012 " Some are high protein and emphasize foods like meat, eggs and cheese, which ... Some high-protein diets de-emphasize high-carbohydrate, .

Where can I learn more about high protein diet plans?

High-protein diets take a page from the low-carb craze. The goal is to lose weight by eating more protein-packed foods, which often means consuming fewer carbohydrates. The portion of total calories derived from protein is what defines a high-protein diet. In a typical diet 10%-15% of daily calories come from protein. In a high-protein diet, this number can be as high as 30%-50%.

How would a high-protein diet affect the pH of the urine?

A diet high in protein lowers the pH of urine, making it more acidic.

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