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Timing- the reason is because of the timing of the batters swing. Being late on the timing causes a right handed batter to hit to the right side, and early will cause it to go to left. Since most batters are early on their swings this cause them to hit to left for a righty and right for a lefty.

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Q: Why do right hand batters hit the ball to left field?
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Why do right hand batters hit the ball to left field percentage?

Most batters are "pull" hitters. It means that they swing a little earlier than a "neutral" or "push" hitter. The same goes for left-handers as well. They will hit the ball into right field more often. The teams keep a percentage of where batters hit the ball more often and will try to set their fielders according to that percentage. A great example is when Jim Thome is up to bat, you'll notice that the entire outfield shifts extremely far over toward right field. As far as a percentage, you got me. I couldn't even begin to pretend how I would know that answer.

What is a forehand in field hockey?

Using the stick in the usual manner, with the stick and ball on the right hand side of the body.

Can a left handed bowling ball be drilled for a right hand?

There is no such thing as a left or right handed bowling ball. When the ball is drilled the pattern will be based on the left hand or right hand measurements.

What is when you you have a right ball in your right hand and a right ball in your left hand?

it means you have a pair of balls in your hands but who's r they

Why is tougher to field a ball at third base then at first base?

When hit by right hand-ers (the majority of batters) it means the ball was pulled that direction and is going much faster. So the 3rd baseman must have fast reflexes. Also the 3rd baseman then has to make the throw to 1st base. This is a far throw and the 3rd baseman must have a strong accurate arm.

If the pitcher hits the batters hand with the ball is the batter awarded a base?


How do you unsrew a tongue ring bar?

Righty tighty, Lefty loosey. Holding the bottom ball in your left hand and the top ball in the right hand, hold the bottom ball still with the left hand and turn the top ball with the right hand "left" or "counter clockwise".

If a pitched ball hits the batters hand and also the bat and he is not swinging is it a hit batsman?

Yes, it is a "hit by pitched ball".

How do you bend the ball to the right by kicking the ball with the right foot?

hit it with the outside of your foot on the left hand side of the ball

What is a forehand in tennis?

A strike of the ball on the side of the preferred hand. The palm of the hand tends to face the ball. E.g. a right handed player would hit the ball from the right.

How do you serve a volleyball overhand?

Throw the ball up with your right hand, jump and with a fist in your right hand smack the ball at an upward angle with your palm side.

What is the correct position for a 3rd baseman to be in to field a throw from a left fielder and attempt to make a tag on a runne He would be catching the ball in his left hand?

the 3rd baseman would only catch the ball in his/her left hand if they are right handed. The proper posision would be for the baseman to put his/her right foot on the edge of the base facing 2nd.

How do you hand ball a foot ball?

you hold the ball in what ever hand you are mostly using(left or right handed) and clench your fist while following through with the ball

What is the purpose of the batter board?

I assume "batter board" is another term for "Batters Eye" in center field. If not then this answer will not apply to your question. The Batters Eye is for the batter to have a "backdrop" that will allow him to see the baseball come from the pitchers hand. Generally these are green or black because they allow the white ball to be seen easily. If you are in the outfield on a line drive hit to you, then you might appreciate having this as when you are at bat. A white ball being thrown at you 80-90mph that you cant see because someone in the center field bleachers is wearing a white shirt right where the release point is for the pitcher would not be a good thing.

How do leave your soccer ball on the ground in the football field in Club Penguin?

to have your ball on your hand and then star dancing

How do you hold a rugby ball before doing a torpedo?

holding the ball horizontally cross in front of yourself (points of the ball left and right ) Assuming your passing to the left, place your right hand at the rear of the ball (right hand pint area) so that the hand is facing toward your body. Place the left hand to the left of the ball facing away (like holding a guitar) move the arms so that the ball moves to the right and then throw the ball to the left flicking the right wrist as you do to produce the torpedo effect See the related link below for the graphics of this procedure

How do you bowl in rounders?

A basic underarm throw is what i was taught, simply step forward on your left foot simultaneously releasing the ball from your hand. The bowl must be above the batters knees and below their shoulders, it cannot hit their body, or be to far to the left or right of them. If this happens then it is a 'no ball'.

How do you start the game volleyball game?

you have to have the ball on your left hand then you throw it with your right hand Well that's just about as wrong as the answer could possibly be! To begin a rally in a game (including the first rally), you must serve the ball. You can serve many ways but the most basic is to begin with the ball in your left hand then toss the ball and hit it with your right hand, contacting the ball in-line with your right shoulder with your arm fully extended. If you are left-handed you would just do the same but with the opposite hand.

Where is the tanker on smash and blast baseball?

The tanker ship is on the far right hand side of the screen, far beyond the right field stands. To hit it, grab the ball at the very bottom, pull down for full power and aim the bat to hit the ball over the right field stands. Once you hit the ball, it will take off and you'll see the water outside the ballpark with the kayaks, the fire boat, the gold targets, and the tanker ship behind them will be obvious.

In baseball while in the field if the ball is caught in one hand and the other hand reaches out to touch the bag is it a force out or does the ball hand have to touch the bag?

As long as the player has control of the ball in either hand or glove and any part of the body touches the bag it is an out (only for a force out).

Where is waldo in the great ball game players?

he is on the right hand page. behind 2 players running towards a person with a rugby ball.( round about the center of the right hand page)

How do you serve overhand in volleyball?

okay well first it depends if you are left handed or right handed. if you are right handed than you hold the ball in your left hand. you need to get your toss right so raise your right hand like your answering a question in math class. then toss the ball a little higher than your finger tips. once you have mastered that you need to know when to hit it. when it is coming down from your toss you need to hit it right when it is at the palm of your hand. you either hit the ball open handed or with your hand closed or with your fist. either one. now if you are left handed you do the same exact thing just your holding the ball with your right hand and you are tossing with your right hand and hitting with your left.

What is advancing the ball with the hand in field hockey?

a foul

How do you juggle?

How to Jugglew/ 3 balls put 2 in right hand and 1 in left, throw 1 ball up from the right hand and throw the ball in your left hand under the 1st ball, right before u catch the 1st ball in your left hand throw the 3rd ball which is in ur right hand repeat until uv mastered it. You can watch the animated gifs at you could buy a very inexpensive book called: The Little Book of Juggling. The instructions are very easy to follow and there's good illustrations.

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