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Without speed a vaulter would never get off the ground. The forward momentum built up in the run is transferred to the bend in the pole and in upward momentum used to clear the bar. Typically a pole vaulter possesses sprinters speed and are good all around athletes.

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Q: Why do pole vaulters run very fast before vaulting?
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How has technology improved in pole vaulting?

The biggest improvements in pole vaulting technology have been in the pole itself. New materials allow the poles to be longer, lighter, stronger, and more flexible. This allows vaulters to go run faster, go higher, and reduces the chances of pole breakage making the dangerous sport at least a little bit safer.

Do pole vaulting poles ever brake while someone is vaulting?

Ya it happens occasionally. Usually at least once in every vaulters career. But it requires an immense amount of force to bend the pole that much. And when it snaps it sounds like a gunshot going off in the middle of the field. But that is why it is important to be equal to or lighter than the weight listed on the top of the pole.

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