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Cheerleaders' costumes are often thought to be too revealing because they often show a lot of skin. Most costumes either have low-cut tops, very short skirts, or both. Sometimes the tops are cut-off shirts or simply jog Bras. While not all cheerleader costumes look like this, enough do that people think they are indecent.

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Q: Why do people think that cheerleaders costumes are too skimpy?
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Why do cheerleaders wear skirts?

I think that cheerleaders wear Skirts to bring out there pride

What are values cheerleaders should have?

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Why are cheerleaders so rude and mean?

you can never judge cheerleaders or people on that note they think they are all that because they are good looking and thin (usually) as well as they have the "jock boyfriends" cool friends and things like that but maybe its their background, ever think about that? maybe they come from a place where people are rude and mean to them so first think about the person BEFORE you begin judging them. Some cheerleaders arent mean. i think your confusing movie cheerleaders with reality cheerleaders. But ya, some of them can be mean, but im a cheerleader, and you don't see me being mean. They wouldn't be rude if you were a jock.

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Why do people think that cheerleading is dangerous?

Because it is. Cheerleaders are often injured when doing stunts. Especially when the cheerleader that does air stunts is dropped.

Why are cheerleaders so dumb?

I'm a cheerleader and I got accepted into Nazareth Academy High School. Cheerleaders are not dumb at just think that.

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Do you have to be popular to be a cheerleader?

Actually, no. The people who become cheerleaders are "popular". They think that they have the looks and the guys. But the truth is, most cheerleaders are actually the dumbest people in the world. They would rather wear half top shirts showing their belly button piercings or what-not than figuring out what E=MC2 is.

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