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no, it's because males want to have something that says the sport they play are more interesting

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Q: Why do people say male sports bring in more rateings are most of the male fans gay is that why they choose men over women in sport?
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Sports bring people together?


How many people watch sport on Television?

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

Why do people say male sports bring in more rating's are most of the male fans gay is that why they choose men over women in sport?

No, because most people do not watch sports for sexual satisfaction, they watch sports for the competition and men compete at a higher level. It has nothing to do with being physically attracted to the athletes.

What do team sports bring to people?

If you play team sports, you will develop a sense of friendship, cooperation, and teamwork skills.

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What sports did christopher Columbus bring to Puerto Rico?

spanish sports

What are some similarities between 1920's sports and today?

There are many similarities that can be found between sports in the 1920's and sports today. Both are very spirited and bring people together.

Why is sport bad?

Its not. Sports bring communities together and give people something to look forward to in hard times.

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What can you bring to your sports team?

Your skills and experience.

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