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Because people have a desire and a big passion to play football. And all you mneed is a football and any ground.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-04 06:13:08
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Q: Why do people like to play soccer?
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How many people like to play soccer?

dude come on, more than a billion people like to play soccer

Why did people play soccer?

cause they like it!

Why do people play soccer?

People play soccer because they have a passion for it. They just like to run around on the field, and have fun.

Why do you want to play on this soccer team?

Well some people like soccer just like me but its a opinion

What sport do the people of France play?

Mostly Soccer but they do like some other sports but soccer they play the most

Why do people in Honduras like to play soccer?

They don't really.

How many people play soccer globally?

its all about the passion and how much do u like soccer

How did people back then play soccer?

how did they play soccer back then

What do people do for fun in Honduras?

they play soccer they play soccer

Hew were the first people to play soccer?

People were playing something like soccer since ancient times. But modern soccer was created in England.

Do people in china like to play soccer?

pretty much every country in the world likes to play soccer, so yeah

What do people in Paraguay do for fun?

they play sports like soccer or volleyball

What do south African people do for fun?

They like to play soccer and quilt.

Why do people in Italy like to play soccer?

Because it is their passion and love

What do people do for fun in Paraguay?

they play sports like soccer or volleyball

What sport do australian olympics people play?

They play regular games like soccer and baseball.

What sports do welsh people play?

All i know is that they like to play rugby, Football, and soccer

Why was women soccer created?

Simply so that women could play soccer, like many other sports that all people play.

What do people do for fun in Brazil?

people from Brazil like to play soccer it does not matter what age you are OK and I'm 8 and i like to go to the movies with my friends too

Do Italians like to play soccer?

Italians only like to play soccer on Wednesdays, Mondays, and Sundays. Those are the ONLY times Italians like to play soccer.

Is soccer a winter game?

Soccer is usually a winter game, but people like to play it all year around.

How many people like soccer?

i really love how to play soccer because its where i live they played the sport more often lol soccer rocks and it's fun to play ----

What do Peruvian people do for fun?

They like to play soccer ,surf and go to clubs.

What do people from Guyana do for fun?

Play football* or cricket**soccer*like baseball

Why do they like to play soccer?

because soccer is good