Why do people like people sports?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I enjoy sports because they are fun to me and they keep me in shape.

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Q: Why do people like people sports?
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Do goth people like sports?

Yes, of course they do, anybody can like sports, even if they are goth

What do you think about people saying you have to like sports if you are a male?

I think that is a stereotype. You don't HAVE to like sports to be a man.

Why do you think some sports have more or less players participating than other sports?

well some people don't like certain sports and people like certain sports but for some reason soccer is m ost liked because you hardley get a chance to sit like football and baseball even basketball people just like sports that you don't have to sit out

Why do people like water sports?

Cause they do

Do they like sports?

The weird people of America

Sports in us?

sports in the U.S are very commin,lots of people in the U.S like sports we even have our own teams like the lakers and the clippers

Do people like summer sports better than winter sports?

yes,yes they do

What sports do people play in California?

sports like football, soccer, and many others

How many people do you think plays sports?

many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world like to play sports.

Do most of the kids at your school like sports?

Well it depends on what school you go to but yes most of the people in my school do like sports

What are the sports in Singapore?

Some popular outdoor sports which Singaporeans like includes team sports like basketball and soccer.Racket sports like Badminton, tennis and table tennis are also quite popular.Similarly, sports like swimming, jogging, bowling are also activities which people do to keep fit.

Why do Japanese people play Basketball?

Because they are people like everyone els, who like to have fun too. They want to play sports too. They need a hobbie and sports to play.