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Because the fat bitches love it

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โˆ™ 2012-09-13 06:13:49
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Q: Why do people like football so much?
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Why do people love the game of football so much?

its fun and

Why is football so popular in Texas?

Football is so popular in Texas because they are very sportsman like people!!

What percentage of people like baseball more than football?

People have different opinions. But when I surveyed 100 people there were 79 people who like baseball more than football. So 79% of people like baseball more than football.

Why do people hate football?

lots of football players had injuries while playing football so when other people hear about their accidents the get scared to show their fearthey try to say any pathetic or bad rumors like i hate football or football is so easy no one like playing it

Why do people like cookies so f'in much?

Because people like cookies so f'in much

Why is there so much money in football?

there is so much money in football because the owners are rich.

What is a sport of Bolivia like play so much?

Soccer (football) is the most popular

What football team dose Rey Mysterio support?

i dont know. does he even like football? you cant answer a question like so and so likes what football team if so and so doesnt like football. find out if he likes football first.

Why do people like halo so much?

people like halo so much because now that you can get it on xbox360 and go online and vs other people.

Why people don't go to clubs?

because they are either too lazy or they don't like that kind of club like say like i hate football so i wont play football!

Why is football and baseball so popular in Iowa?

because that's what Iowa people like to play

Why is gattuso so aggressive when his playing football?

Remember! He is from Italy and most of the Italian people are like that.

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