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Most people go water skiing for the fun of it.

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Q: Why do people go water skiing?
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You can do this on snow or water?

you can go skiing.... snow skiing or water skiing

When you go water skiing does it have to be hot or cold?

You would want to go water skiing when the weather is hot.In really cold weather you can go skiing on the snow.

Is today a good day to go skiing?

That depends on where you are, and whether you're talking about water skiing or snow skiing.

How many people can go to the water skiing?

on average around 50 million people! Even thought most people dont know how to do it!

How many people go alpine skiing each year?

over 1 billion people go skiing each year.

Who can go water skiing?

almost anyone

Why do people go to Slovenia?


Do people know about water skiing?

Yes they do.

Why can you go water skiing during august?

The caribbean.

What is the difference between snow skiing and water skiing?

in water skiing you have a handle

How many people die from water skiing each year?

Usally none, I've only heard of it happening once and that was a freak accident. If this is keeping you from skiing don't let it. Go out there and have fun it's a great sport.

What is a good place to go water skiing in VA?

Since I live in VA.I enjoy water skiing on Smith Mountain Lake. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!

What do people do at night?

Sleep. What do you think? Go skiing?

What do Quebec's people do for their social lives?

go skiing

Where do people go to go skiing and snowboarding on mountains?

the go to switzerland and sath france

How many people go skiing in austria every year?

3 people

Is water skiing or snow skiing more popular in US?

I think that it just depends where you are. In Colorado, I can almost guarantee that snow skiing is more popular than water skiing. If you are on the coasts or have a large mass of water in your state, and no mountains, then water skiing will be more popular than snow skiing.

Where can you go water skiing in the North East?

Lake George. Lake Champlain.

What band went water-skiing for their music video Vacation?

the go gos

What can you do in a sea?

swim, go boating ,water skiing,or play Marco polo:)

How would you use water skiing in a sentence?

i like water skiing.

What is the name of the water skiing squirrel?

twiggy the water skiing squirrel!! :)

How many people water ski in a year?

Since water skiing is a very popular sport, about 1.2 million people water ski every year.

What was the time when water skiing was invented?

Water skiing was invented in the early 1900s.

Is water skiing considered a sport?

Yes, water skiing is considered a sport.