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Q: Why do people do extreme sports?
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What are some facts about extreme sports?

That people do extreme sports

Why people do extreme sports?

People do extreme sports for the adventure and the adrenaline rush that it gives them. Most extreme sports enthusiasts have trained for years to get the skills needed for their extreme sport.

Why do people enjoy extreme sports?

Because its extreme.

How many people die a year from extreme sports?

About a million people have died from extreme sports. Some of which include working out alone.

How many people die from extreme sports?

About a million of people have died from estreme sports.

What kind of people are attracted to extreme sports?

Xtreme people

Should extreme sports be banned?

Of course not. Its fun for people. No way, extreme sports shouldn't be banned, I like taking the risk.

How many people die from extreme sports every year?

approximately 10-20 people die every year from extreme sports but I could be wrong my self

What causes people to do extreme sports?

for most people, its the fun and almost euphoric feeling they get of being scared then overcoming obstacles. basically they participate in extreme sports for the adrenaline rush.

How many people a year die from sports?

About a million people have died from extreme sports. Some of which include working out alone.

Why do you do extreme sports?

Extreme sports gives me a rush of adrenaline. For people like me, who take part in extreme sports whenever they can, we do it for the thrill, for the fun. I've been sky diving, parachuting, bungee jumping, cliff diving.... ect. Basically, we do extreme sport because it's fun and, for most people, out of their comfort zone. You should try it!

How is adrenaline related to extreme sports?

it has things that are cool with extreme sports and bikes

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