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Left-handed pitchers pitching to left-handed batters, and right-handed pitchers pitching to right-handed batters have an advantage over the hitter. A curve ball or slider thrown by a left-handed pitcher will break down and away from a left-handed hitter, and vice-versa. Even fast balls tend to move away from the hitter. This makes it harder to hit.

Also, the hitter doesn't "see the ball" as well when the pitcher is releasing the ball from the same side that the hitter stands on. Not only that, but the illusion (created by the difference in angle) is that the pitched ball is coming from a point behind the hitter or at the hitter and then over the plate as opposed to seeing the pitch out in front the whole way when pitched from the opposite side of the hitter.

Statistics show that most left-hitters have a lower average, more strike-outs and fewer home runs off lefties than against right-handers. The difference is much more pronounced with some hitters than with others.

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Q: Why do left-handed pitchers throw to left-handed hitters?
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