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probably the tackling

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Q: Why do kids get into trouble for playing football at school?
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How many kids play football in the US?

I think that kids dont playing football, they like playing with you... lmao

Why playing sport keeps kids out of trouble?

Because they can't cause any trouble while they're playing the sport.

How many high school kids play football?

about 10000 kids

How many kids get hurt playing football?


Should football be banned at school?

No why should it be banned at school , it is good for the kids.

Why shouldn't kids play tackle football in school?

they should

What is more popular in England football or fishing?

I think that football is more popular since most kids at school play football and there are alot of kids ion the uk.

Can your school stop us from playing football but not other sports at recess?

yes according to the BPA ( Border Patrol Association ) kids under the age of 10 can not play football at recess. Kids at any age can play soccer or can catch the hot towel.

Do most of the kids who play football stay in school?

it depends whether the person wants to or not, football has nothing to do with it

What are Philip rivers hobbies?

he likes playing football being with his family and kids

How many kids play high school football in the US?

For the 2012-2013 school year 1,088,158 high school athletes played football. Football is the top ranked participation high school sport in the United States.

How many English Kids play rugby?

hard to judge....considering the amount of population england has, most kids play football from an early age as this is more popular. Living in england myself, i find some kids i know often convert to playing rugby after getting tired/bored of football at around secondary school age. still football is played far more by kids at the weekends...

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