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they play for the same team

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Q: Why do ice hockey goalies have the same color jersey as the team?
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Do lacrosse goalies wear a different color jersey from the rest of the team?

No, goalies wear the same color jersey. They have to or else people will think they are from a different team. :)

Did 2 goalies ever play in net at the same time in a hockey game?

I believe there's two goalies in every hockey game.

Why do hockey goalies wear different color shorts?

They dont the whole team wheres the same color pants just the goalie pant structure is made differently for extra padding and protection

What is a NHL jerseys?

nhl jersey is as same as hockey jersey.Nhl means National Hockey League.

Does a field hockey goalie wear a special cleat shoe?

Goalies wear the same types of shoe as every other player.

Can soccer goalies have the same colord jersy?


Can you have 2 goalies pulled at same time?

Yes, but that would not be very good strategy for either team. The most common reason for pulling a goalie would be if your team is down by a goal or two with just a few minutes to play. By pulling the goalie the team would get an extra skater. If both teams pulled their goalies it would be 6 on 6 hockey with no goalies. That would just mean players would be shooting shots from their zone or center ice. Again, you can pull two goalies at the same time, but it would be meaningless.

Do the football uniforms at Oregon have player names on them?

Yes. The color of the name is the same color of the jersey. I don't know why anybody wants that.

What color are jersey people hair mostly?

Jersey people..? As in, "from New Jersey"? They have all kinds of different hair colors, just as they do in the rest of the United States. And the story is just the same in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Is roller hockey the same as in-line hockey?


What equipment are needed in hockey?

Depends what type of hockey you're playing. Minimum for ice hockey: Shoulder pads, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads, a helmet, breezers, hockey socks (to cover shin guards) ice skates, compression shorts that will hold a cup or a jockstrap and a cup, a hockey stick, ice hockey skates For roller, all of the same except: No shoulder pads, roller hockey pants and an inline girdle instead of breezers, no hockey socks, roller hockey skates instead of ice hockey skates For ice hockey goalie: Goalie pants, a goalie groin protector and cup, a monkey suit, leg pads, a goalie helmet with a throat protector (preferably), goalie ice hockey skates, a goalies glove, a blocker, and a goalies stick For roller hockey goalie: Same as ice hockey goalie except roller hockey goalie skates For ice hockey: An ice rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a puck For roller hockey: A roller rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a roller puck (yes, they are different from ice picks. They're made to reduce friction and slide better on floors.) For street hockey: Some sort of net, a ball or puck, and a stick I think I covered a good portion of it. If I missed anything, I apologize. It's a great sport, have fun!

What the same between water polo and soccer?

They have goalies, a ball, penalties, and player ejections.

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Why do hockey goalies wear different color shorts?

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