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They dont the whole team wheres the same color pants just the goalie pant structure is made differently for extra padding and protection

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No, goalies wear the same color jersey. They have to or else people will think they are from a different team. :)

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they play for the same team

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Q: Why do ice hockey goalies have the same color jersey as the team?
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Did 2 goalies ever play in net at the same time in a hockey game?

I believe there's two goalies in every hockey game.

Does a field hockey goalie wear a special cleat shoe?

Goalies wear the same types of shoe as every other player.

What is a NHL jerseys?

nhl jersey is as same as hockey jersey.Nhl means National Hockey League.

What are the kinds of hockey?

The most common types of hockey are ice hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, and street hockey. With the exception of field hockey, all of these types of hockey generally follow the same rules.

Can soccer goalies have the same colord jersy?


Do the football uniforms at Oregon have player names on them?

Yes. The color of the name is the same color of the jersey. I don't know why anybody wants that.

What color are jersey people hair mostly?

Jersey people..? As in, "from New Jersey"? They have all kinds of different hair colors, just as they do in the rest of the United States. And the story is just the same in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Is there a number limit for hockey jerseys such as any number of 99 or less?

First off, what does that have to do with math. Second, yes, there is a limit. Hockey jersey numbers can not go higher than 99. Same with virtually every other sport.

What are equipments in hockey?

It all depends on the age/regulations of the leagueThese are the requirements for most leagues:Jock strapShin guardsBreezers/pantsSkatesShoulder padselbow guardsgloveshelmet/usually facemaskmouthguardneck guard-usually in youth leaguesdon't forget your stickSkates, helmet, gloves, cup or jock, shinpads, hockey socks, hockey pants, elbowpads, shoulderpads, neckguard, jersey and stick.

What color are hockey away jerseys?

Away hockey jersey's are light color and home are dark in the NHL. It used to be the opposite a few years ago but teams can afford to wash the light jersey's. In the past, to avoid laundry, away teams used dark jersey's so not to see the dirt and not having to wash so much.But in other parts of hocky universe light is home and dark is away

Is roller hockey the same as in-line hockey?


In an All-Star hockey game do the players wear the same jersey throughout the game?

Yes. Altough in some cases the NHLPA may ask certain players to change their jersey after each period, signing them to to be auctioned off for charity.