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for good luck

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Q: Why do hockey players touch the head of the goalie?
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Where did the tradition of tapping a hockey goalie's head after a win originate?

First time I saw it was with Patrick Roy

When the goalie receives the ball from his own players can he pick it up?

No. If the last player to touch the ball was a member of the same team as the goalie, s/he can only handle it like any other player (use chest, legs, head, etc.). The goalie can also not pick up the ball anywhere outside the 18-yard box. Goalies can be involved in attacking elements of a game, but outside their own box they have to behave as any other player. For instance, if a goalie goes to the other team's box to be a part of a corner kick, s/he could only head or kick the ball in, not punch it in or in anyway touch it with his or her hands. Obviously, having a goalie leave their own box is risky, especially since many goalies are uncomfortable playing the ball with their feet (at least compared to outfield players).

What equipment do you need to ba a hockey goalie?

From top to bottom, you'll need a helmet with face mask, highly suggest a goalie mask to help reduce impact or pucks to the head and help with visibility. A plastic helmet throat guard (not mandatory for some leagues, but recommended) A Neck guard (a must, to protect against skate cuts.) Chest protector blocker Trapper Hockey pants, recommend goalie pants for added protection goal pads goalie skates jock hockey socks

Why touch the goalies head after winning a game?

its a way of saying good luck to the goalie and that he did a great job that night during the game

What are 4 differences between ice hockey and lacrosse?

lacrosse uses a round ball-hockey uses a puck lacrosse is played on a field-hockey is played on ice lacrosse players wear cleats-hockey players wear skates lacrosse sticks have a head and mesh on the end-hockey sticks dont

Why do we need and rules in the games of hockey?

If there where no rules, then people could skate by the goalie punch him in the head knocking off his helmet drilling him some more. meanwhile his team is scoring.

What is the 5 hole and why is it called that?

The five hole is the space between a goalie's legs. It is called that because a goalie usually have five open spots when they are playing: between his right leg and right arm, between his left leg and left arm, between his head and left arm, between his head and right arm, and between his two legs. Hence, the five hole. In a hockey game, if you hear that a goalie got "five holed," then he let a puck go between his legs and into the net. If you like turtles then when you eat cheese, touch a pony and you'll have a five hole in your pants. That's your answer...

What determines who will get knocked backward when a big hockey player checks a small hockey player in a head-on collision?

Conservation of momentum. Who will get knocked backwards depends on the masses of the players, and on the velocity of each one.

Why do hockey players wear helmets?

Obviously for protection... falling onto ice or getting hit in the head with a frozen puck can do major damage to you.

When was Don Head - ice hockey - born?

Don Head - ice hockey - was born in 1933.

Why do the women hockey players have a cage on there helmet and men don't?

The reason they have a cage on their helmet is because all women are affraid of getting hit in the head with the puck.

What do you do if if your lacrosse shaft is too big for its head?

It Can't, Every Lacrosse Head Should Fit On Every Shaft, Except A Goalie Head

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