Why do girls 12 like soccer?

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Girls like soccer because it is a fun sport, they get to make new friends, and get plenty of exercise.

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Q: Why do girls 12 like soccer?
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Do guys like girls that are good at soccer?

yes, because girls that play soccer are hard!

Do girls like boys that play soccer?

Some girls will

Do any of the guys in One Direction like girls who play soccer?

Since they like soccer, I suppose they do.

Is girls soccer better than guys soccer?

yes if you like to be aggressive but if you don't then no i like it though

What is a u12 soccer league?

A u12 soccer league is a league for kids 12 or under. If you see GU12 or BU12, the "G" stands for girls and the "B" stands for boys. Therefore, Girls Under 12/Boys Under 12.

Do 12 year old boys like girls that play soccer?

well, i dont think so. at the age of 12, young boys are more attracted to cheerleaders

Does Harry Styles like girls that play soccer?


How come soccer is a popular sport?

Because most girls don't like soccer as much as boys and nearly all boys like soccer. And that's why soccer is a popular sport.

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

Could girls like soccer?

Yes, girls could like soccer. Remember that there are many popular soccer players who are females. Hence, girls can also be huge fans of soccer. You can notice that when you're watching a match, you will notice that not all the fans watching the soccer game are males. Black10 says: I'm sorry, but do you live under a rock? I'm a girl and I don't like soccer, I love soccer. Boys might be more physical in the game, but girls happen to be much meanier in soccer and believe me male or female can be the most competitive people you'll ever meet.

Do boys like girls who plays soccer?

Playing soccer makes you healthy, and a healthy girl is a beautiful girl.

Girls and soccer?

Lots of girls can play soccer if that's what you're asking.

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