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Q: Why do football teams add ATHLETIC to their name?
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Why do football teams add rovers or wanderers to their name?

IN the middle 1800's when Football was becoming organized, players were often a collection of men/boys from various towns and schools who would meet and form a team. The Wanderers or Rovers was a reference to the players coming from counties all around the City or District they played in/for. It is also used as a reference to these teams that had to travel long distances to play opposition who had only newly formed teams in the growing Sport.

Why do some football teams have names on their shirts while other teams do not?

Most do. Only a few teams (USC, Notre Dame, Colorado, and Army, to name a few) lack names on their jerseys. Penn State was one of the schools known for not having names on their jerseys until 2012, when they finally decided to add them.

What is the math behind football?

Well..........I guess you might need to add up how much points your team gets, or you might want to know how many TDs were scored by both teams.

Who is the toughest football player of all time?

Dick Butkus. I will add Jack Lambert. Not the best skilled, but he made the Steelers so tough they just knocked the other teams around.

Do you capitalize college football in a sentence?

Only capitalize the word 'football' when it is the beginning of a sentence or forms part of a title.

How do you make teams in roblox?

To make teams on Roblox first open the place you want to add the teams to in Roblox Studio. Secondly, open the Insert window, go to game objects, and insert a spawn point of the color you want the team to be. Then go into the object browser and click on the teams folder. From here you can edit the properties of the teams such as it's name.

Why the los on the NBA names?

NBA teams usually add a los prefix to their name on Latin Americans appreciation nights. This is usually done by teams who play in cities with large Latin American communities.

When did baseball playoffs add more teams?

with a wildcard game

Whom was the first truly athletic athlete?

That would be Austin "Pacmansmybro" Matthiesen. Add him on Facebook.

How you add friends on quick hit football?

its impossible

Why should we let girls play football?

I think girls should play it gives them the right to do what guys can do too also girls are required to follow there dreams to right not just guys I think if a girl wants to play she should reach for the stars!!!!! ************************************************ Just to add: There are no physical or physiological reasons why females should not play football. In the UK, we have women football teams (known as soccer in America, I believe) and women's football league competitions - all growing in popularity.

How is addition and subtraction used in football?

to add and subtract yardage