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Deep sea divers wear special suits to keep their body from getting too cold. They also wear these suits to keep from being crushed under the pressure.

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Q: Why do deep sea drivers wear special suits?
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Why do deep sea divers need to wear special suits?

Thermal protection - water at depth can be very cold.

What do racecar driers wear under their suits?

Drivers wear things like NOMEX Underarmour under their fire suits.

Why do sea divers and astronauts need to wear special suits?

Both astronauts and sea divers wear special sits because they travel into atmospheres that are strange to our bodies. Our bodies were not built to stand extremely deep waters and outer space. The suits protect them as they go about their business in those places.

Why do spacemen wear special pressurized suits?


Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

Do nascar drivers wear anything under there suit?

They only wear their underwear under their suits, it's a jumpsuit

Why do high altitudes fliers wear special suits?

To show-off.

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How do you do deep diving in the ocean?

Deep diving in the ocean is done very carefully in special suits and helmets. Pressure under the ocean is significant and can be immense by the time you are down a few hundred feet. Scuba diving is sometimes used commercially, but only to depths of about 120 feet. - Many large dockyards and navies employ 'clearance divers ' to repair items on the bottom of ships and work on the dockyard floor. These divers wear heavy canvas suits and large hard helmets, fed air by lines from the surface. They can work down to 300 feet deep or so. Research and oilfield divers can wear special hard suits that allow them to go down almost 1,000 ft. These divers often wear "Newt suits" made by the Canadian company Nuytco Research in Vancouver.