Why do deep sea divers need to wear special suits?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Thermal protection - water at depth can be very cold.

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Q: Why do deep sea divers need to wear special suits?
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Why do sea divers and astronauts need to wear special suits?

Both astronauts and sea divers wear special sits because they travel into atmospheres that are strange to our bodies. Our bodies were not built to stand extremely deep waters and outer space. The suits protect them as they go about their business in those places.

Before a diver dives will he will take a deep breath or hyperventilate?

Free divers do but scuba divers do not need to. Scuba divers take their air with them and would have no need to hyperventilate.

Why do scuba divers need math?

they need to know how long they can be underwater, and how deep they can go with the air in the tank.

Why divers wear special suits when they go deep sea?

for protection, as astronauts need to wear space suits to do space walks. Humans are fragile beings. Our skeletons and bone structure can only work in a narrow range of pressure around the atmospheric pressure [~1x105 Pa at sea level] -- we have adapted to earth's atmosphere. In deep seas, the human body will encounter a pressure [Pa], in addition to atmospheric pressure, equals to rho*g*h, where rho = water density [~ 1000 kg/m3]; g = 9.8 [m/s2]; and h is the water depth [m].

Name three types of special equipment astronauts need to work in space?

containers, space suits,

Why does diver need a special breathing equipment but fish does not?

Because fish have gills,giving them the ability to breath under water and divers dont.

Why do people use air?

We need air to breath. Otherwise we would suffocate and die. That is why scuba divers have special equipment to allow them to have air to breath underwater.

Do the astronauts need special clothes while living and working inside the space station?

If the space station is pressurized, I don't think astronauts need to where space suits.

Why do divers use a knife?

they need protection from stuff

What types of skills do divers need?

They need to know how to swim away from sharks and such!