Why do countries try and win medals?

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Well, many countries try to win medals as to give reputation and attraction to the country. But also the country will be proud

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Q: Why do countries try and win medals?
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What countries didn't win medals in 2012 Olympics?

A large number of countries did not win any medals. The related link lists the 85 nations that did win Olympic Medals

How many countries did not win medals at the Olympics 2012?

More than half did not win any medals and only a quarter of the 204 countries won more than 2 medals

How many medals did the Arab countries win in 2008?


What countries did not win medals at the 2008 Olympics?

Some of the countries that did not win medals were Lebanon, Albania, Bolivia, Cyprus, Haiti, Jordan, Malta, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uruguay, Yemen.

What do the Olympics do?

People who compete in the Olympics play all kinds of sports against other countries to try and win gold medals. This is like a huge competition.

Why do richer countries win more medals at the Olympic games than poorer ones?

The richer countries have better sporting programs.

How many gold medals did Canada win in the Turin 2006 Olympics?

Canada won 7 gold medals In the 2006 Turin games, which was 5th amongst all countries. They won 24 overall medals, which was 3rd amongst all countries.

What countries win the most medals?

The countries win the most medals in Olympics include USA, Russia, China, Germany, France. However participation in Olympics is a great honor to a participating country. India with huge population stands at the lower level of the medal list.

How many medals did Emily little win 2012 Olympics?

She did not win any medals

What medals did Dirk Schrade win in London 2012?

What medals did dirk schrade win

How many medals did Philippines win in the Olympics 2012?

They did not win any medals in London

Did Spain win Olympic medals?

Yes spain did win olympic medals but only a few

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