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Because they are proud of their team, dude

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Q: Why do cities build stadiums and arenas for professional sport teams with pubil money?
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What materials are used to build stadiums and why?

there are many materials used to build stadiums but the main materials are stone metal glass.

How long does it take to build the stadiums for the Olympics?

2000 years

How did Argentina modify their environment?

th try to build houses brides and lots of stadiums

Why did the Romans build arenas like the coliseum?

The same reason we do they wanted a place for games.

When was Cities Build on Sand created?

Cities Build on Sand was created in 2007.

Are there any cities on Neptune?

There are no cities on Neptune because there is no land to build them on and not people to build them.

What did the Greeks build?

The Greeks built sculptures, statues, Auditoriums, Temples, Stadiums, Hippodromes, Theaters...

Why do cities issue bonds?

Municipalities and states issue bonds for capital expenditures that are perceived necessary to maintain the infrastructure of the entity. Such bonds provide funds to build local roads, stadiums, schools, and other public buildings.

What did Sumerians do to protect their cities?

build walls around their cities?

Why was new york so cosmpolitan diverse?

Engage your interests while you build your professional skills and confidence in one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on Earth.

How much does it cost to build a football stadium?

Football stadiums cost billions of dollars to build. The Dallas Cowboys spent 1.5 billion dollars to build their new high tech stadium.

Did the ancient Olympics build special stadiums each time?

No, the temple and stadium in Olympia were used games after games.

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