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Raw eggs were once considered to be excellent and compact sources of protein, necessary for muscle development. However, in the last thirty years salmonella has been introduced into eggs naturally and the risk of becoming ill from eating raw eggs outweights the benefits of the protein. Today, there are many better and more efficient ways to get protein and other vitamins and minerals, such as power bars, drink mixes, supplements, etc.

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Q: Why do boxers eat raw eggs?
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What is a boxers breakfast like?

Raw eggs in a cup

What is the best food to eat the day of a fight?

raw eggs raw eggs

Can puppies eat eggs?

Yes but not raw eggs.

Can Jews eat raw eggs?

first let me say that's messed up and yes Jews can eat raw eggs

Is it true that humans can eat raw eggs?

Yes, many people enjoy raw eggs.

Does eating raw eggs give you muscle?

Never eat raw eggs because it could be dangerous. Raw eggs could give you salmonella disease.

Do snakes eat raw eggs?

Well, seeing as snakes can't's safe to assume that yes, they eat raw eggs

Is it healthy to eat raw eggs if you have high blood pressure?

You should never eat raw eggs regardless of blood pressure. By eating raw eggs you increase your chance of catching salmonella. Always cook the eggs before you eat them. If you are trying to avoid cooking them in oil or butter try them poached.

Can you eat eggs?

of course you can eat eggs, you can almost eat any kind of eggs layed by animals. chicken eggs are the most common and fish eggs are the most expensive. dont eat raw eggs though.

What happens when you eat raw turtle eggs?

Turtles are known carriers of Salmonella. If you eat raw turtle eggs, Salmonella is one of the worst risks that you face.

Can you get food peisoning from cookie dough?

Cookie dough has eggs in it and so when you eat it are almost consuming raw eggs. So, if you eat enough, it can make you sick. But you have to eat A LOT!

Can you get food poisoning when you eat raw eggs?

==== ==== Raw eggs are a source of Salmonella (which can cause food poisoning). Salmonella has no taste or smell.

Do Boa Constrictors eat raw eggs?


Can you eat eggs without cooking?

Eggs are very nutritious, but should not be eaten raw. People have been known to get salmonella food poisoning from raw and undercooked eggs.

Can cats eat raw eggs?

Yes, raw eggs are perfectly fine for a cat, and serve as a very nutritional weekly treat as eggs contain a lot of protein.

Can rat eat raw egg?

They can not eat anything, but they can eat hard boiled and scrambled eggs.

What happens when you eat raw egg?

Generally, there is nothing wrong with eating raw eggs. However, before food safety standards were improved, raw eggs sometimes contained salmonella and required cooking to be safe to eat. That is a rare occurrence these days. If you are not sure of the quality of the eggs, fully cook the eggs before eating them.

Do you put anything in when you eat raw eggs?

A dash of tobasco.

Are raw eggs healthy?

Not if you eat the yolk but the whites are healthy

Can you eat cookie dough?

No because it contain raw eggs

Why does hulk hogan eat raw eggs?

Because he is a nutter.

Should you eat recipes with raw eggs in them?

no because its not safe

Is it safe to eat crumble mixture raw?

If there are no eggs in it, then sure!

Is it bad to eat a small piece of cookie doh?

Health officials advice not to eat raw cookie dough that contains raw eggs. However, a recipe that does not use eggs should be fine.

Is raw egg white good for you?

Raw egg white is not good for you. You run the risk of salmonella from eating raw eggs. This can make you very sick. You should only eat cooked eggs.