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Raw eggs in a cup

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Q: What is a boxers breakfast like?
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Which one is correct what do you like 'for' breakfast or what do you like 'in' breakfast?

"What do you like for breakfast?" would be correct.

Do you have to unlock boxers in fight night round 3?

No, Just If You Like Better Boxers But You Have Got Already Lots Of Boxers

Do boxers like to be in your lap?

Yes, the boxers love sitting on the laps of its owners.

What is the difference between goodnites boxers and goodnites underpants?

Underpants fit more like underwear. Look more diaper like and absorb more Boxers fit like boxers and don't absorb anything

When boxers are in heat does the one i have do like a cat and how often do they go in heat?

When the boxers are on heat, they usually mate just like the cats.

What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

What are better boxers or briefs?

In my opinion, i like boxers better. If a guy wears briefs, it just creeps me out! i agree, because boxers are better and briefs just squeeze your balls in which can be pain. boxers are better. they let everything hang but what I'm saying is boxers are awesome

Duse zacefron ware boxres or tiety wiety?

he wears boxers and breifs, but not tiety whities, more like the hanes kind that look like boxers

What shorts or boxers are recommended?

Most men like the boxer-briefs variety of underwear. It's a combination of boxers and briefs that most men find preferable to regular boxers and briefs.

Are woven boxers more comfortable than knit boxers?

Many men prefer knit boxers. Men prefer Different boxers in different seasons. Woven in summer and knit in winter. You should try the two yourself and see what you like

Where can one purchase boxers for men?

One can purchase boxers for men in the following websites like macys, jcpenny, Target, Hanes, undergear. One can also uprchase boxers for men in the following website like sears, oldnavy and much more .

Do boxers and bengal cats like taking baths or shower?

Typically no, Boxers and Bengal cats do not like taking baths or showers. Bengal cats like to play in water but not taking a bath.

Do girls prefer boxers or briefs in bed?

i think they like goin freebird with boxers hold on lemme ask my GF. She said she preffers boxers but she thinks not all girls do

What does Queen Elizabeth have for breakfast?

The Queen like to have cornflakes for breakfast

What stars wear boxers?

honestly... like, all if them, nobody except little kids wear anything except boxers anymore...

Does Luke Benward like tight boxers?


What do girl boxers look like?

Girls, boxing!

Do boxers need A LOT of attention?

Yes, boxers do need a lot of attention. Like many breed of dogs they like to be played with, taken for walks and engaging in obedience games.

Is it better for a man to wear wear boxers or briefs?

you should wear boxers because not only r they more attractive but if u wear briefs, you could get a wedgie and that will hurt! Boxers are more boxers....I'm gay, but I deffinately like it when guys wear boxers, or at least boxer briefs....Hope that helps!

Why are boxer bogs called boxers?

Boxer dogs got the name boxers because they use their front paws just like professional boxers do. they stand on their back feet and and jump hitting the object with their front feet and then will continue to hit. this is normally done when the dog is excited or threatened. There are other theories as to why boxers are called "Boxers"

Why where the boxers from the Boxer rebellion called boxers?

The reason the "Boxers" were called Boxers is because during the rebellion the boxers had banners and on the banners was a black closed fist so the people getting attacked thought they were boxers

Are boxers with beards allowed in the Olympics?

No boxers are not allowed to wear beards in the ring , as some are idiotic and loose their head in frustration, like Tyson bit a boxers ear once. So as to avoid injury it is not allowed.

How should you punctuate you like apples bananas and toast for breakfast?

You like apples, bananas and toast for breakfast.

Do parents really like breakfast in bread for their anniversary?

How can you have breakfast in bread?

What is breakfast time in spain?

The time that they feel like eating their breakfast