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Well because you run alot so you get hot. There are also rules about no pockets on the shorts and that may have something to do with it im not sure

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Q: Why do basketball players wear shorts to play basketball?
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What do basketball players wear on their legs?


What clothing do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?

t-shirt and shorts?

What kind of clothes does a basketball player wear?

Most basketball players wear basketball shorts or other shirts like, "Just Do It".

What clothes do basketball players wear?

They usually wear a basketball jersey shirt and shorts that are in the teams colors.

What did basketball players wear in the 1900s?

In the early 1900s, basketball players wore medium length shorts. In the 70s and 80s, the shorts got tighter and shorter. By the end of the 1900s, the shorts became long, falling just below the knee.

What do basketball players wear?

They wear a top with some shorts. They wear a top with athletic shorts. Some wear a headband on top. They also should wear compression shorts only on the bottom, which are very comfortable.

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

What do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?


What is sports wear shorts?

Shorts are worn in playing many summer sports. Basketball and football (soccer) are notable for their players wearing shorts, as are track and field events.

Do high school basketball players wear jockstraps?

Some probably do, others might wear compression shorts. It's important to wear something for support.

What do you wear to play basketball?

basket ball shorts a tank top and baestball shoes

Do Male Players in Netball have to wear skirts or Dresses?

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

What equipment do you wear for basketball?

Jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes.

What do people wear in cote d'ivoire?

Black undershirt black basketball shorts black shorts black basketball shoes

What clothes do they wear in boys basketball?

Usually a jersey some basketball shorts and basketball shoes

Name something basketball players wear?

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

What should you wear to basketball practice?

Basketball shorts and all; everything you'd wear, as if you're playing a championship, you want to wear the best you can.

Should you wear shorts to basketball?

probably would be helpful. If you wear pants you would get hotter sooner than you would in shorts.

What do boys wear in Gymnastics?

In gymnastics boy wear basketball shorts and a undershirt

What did girls wear in basketball?

Girls Wear Shorts and a Cut of T-shirt

What did Girl Scouts wear when they couldn't wear shorts or trousers during basketball?

In the early years of Girl Scouting, Girl Scouts could not play basketball in public. They played on courts which were covered by blankets or curtains so the public could not see them playing basketball. The girls wore their Girl Scout uniforms or they wore bloomers to play basketball in.

What brand makes the best cross country running shorts and where can I buy them?

It is my opinion that Tempo brand shorts are inexpensive, yet durable. Tempo shorts are a good brand that lasts me a long time and I wear them quite often. I wear this brand of shorts myself when I go jogging or play basketball. They never seem to disappoint. You can find these shorts online at

What do woman wear when playing basketball?

The same thing men wear: shorts and a jersey.

Do baseball players wear jocks?

Yes, most do, or they wear compression shorts.

Why are basketball shorts so baggy?

i dont consider them baggy. i consider them oversized. they are supposed to be this way for a few reasons. 1) guys who wear them while playing basketball need shorts that are extra big and roomy for running up and down the court and shooting the ball 2) guys are supposed to wear shorts that fall off their butt (sagging) and expose their boxers 3) last, basketball shorts should only be worn by muscular guys, because guys who are muscular and wear oversized basketball shorts are so sexy