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Not all pitchers wear Baseball sick high. Most of the pitchers wear thier socks low aor baggy. The hitters in baseball wear the high socks more than the pitchers. There are 4 kinds of baseball socks types. There are low, baggy, high, and high stirrup.

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Q: Why do baseball pitchers wear there socks so high?
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Do you have to wear socks at jump sky high?

no. you can wear sneakers(with socks) or barefoot.

What is knee high socks for?

Knee highs keep your feet to knees warm during running or sports. Baseball players often wear knee high socks.

Why do guys wear high socks?

They wear high socks because their names are Antonio, they pierce their own ears, and they have BUSHY eyebrows.....

How does spongebob wear his socks?

Sponge bob wears his socks high

Do you wear knee high socks in softball?

You do not.

What is the neck band baseball pitchers wear?

They are known as tornado necklaces.

Does soccer players wear knee high socks?

Yes! All players need to wear their socks to go over their shinpads which pushes the height of the socks up to around the knee. Some players even wear extra long socks to cover the knee.

Do you wear shorts to play softball?

some people do but you shouldnt. if you really want to, wear sliding shorts and kneepads too. you should wear baseball pants, sliding shorts, kneepads, and high socks

What to wear with knee high converse?

shorts and a nice tee shirt and high socks

Depends on the colour if you have white with black stripes then yes but only were them with black shorts. Should boys wear knee high socks?

Knee high socks look better with pants, shorts look better with ankle socks. Girls pull off knee high socks very good yes, but not with shorts, they usually wear them with a skirt.

What type of clothing did the farmers wear?

They often wear plain coats and sometimes they wear shorts and high socks.

How have softball uniforms changed over the years?

they used to wear shorts and a button up shirt and now they wear a tank top or racerback shirt with high socks and baseball pants

Why do you need baseball socks to play baseball?

everyone has to wear full uniform in most leagues.

What Baseball players wear?

they wear jersey's, hats,socks,belts,cleats,pants,and sometimes necklaces.

What do baseball players wear?

They wear a jersey, hat, baseball socks, cleats, mitt, batting gloves [optional], and eye black [optional].

Do you wear socks at karate class?

No You shouldn't wear socks.

How to wear knee high socks in mens' clothes with shorts?

I myself wear knee high socks with shorts, but people don't understand sometimes, Maybe in Estonia people are not free in their opinions and here is no tolerance to the individuality.

Why do baseball pitchers wear neck chains?

Baseball players, and also many other sports players tend to be superstitious. Because of that, many major league baseball players, including pitchers will wear a necklace for good luck. Other "good luck charms" are unseen, as they are hidden by their uniforms.

Why do major league baseball pitchers wear necklace?

They want to look their best in front of the fans!

Did Michael Jackson wear Nike socks?

No he did not wear nike socks!!!

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What kind of socks do you wear with Vans shoes?In a girls opinion, I would wear ankle socks.________________________________I'm a boy and I agree, ankle socks look better, if you are wearing shorts, as they don't cover your leg. Otherwise it doesn't matter how long your socks are. If you wear trousers or jeans, who sees your legs? So you will wear your socks as high or low on your legs as you need, depending on the temperature. bye

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