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The game is actually the same as Rugby, because of slightly different rules, but is commonly known as American football.

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Q: Why do Yanks call Rugby football?
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Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

What does most people call football?

Which Version? The US call American football-football and association football-soccer.In the UK we call association football-football,Rugby football-Rugby and American football a girl's game because of all the padding they wear!

Why do Yanks call Rugby football when Football is played on the ground and only the goalkeeper can hold the ball?

Firstly, we can't label all Americans as "Yanks" because below the Mason-Dixon Line, Southerners get offended.Secondly, in the UK and Europe, Football is Football ie Soccer.In the USA, American Football is Grid Iron and they also play Soccer.In New Zealand, they play Rugby Union (the "All Blacks") and Rugby League (the "Kiwis"), both of which are Football; and they play Soccer (the "All Whites") in the FIFA World Cup.In Australia, we play Rugby League (the "Kangaroos"), Rugby Union (the "Wallabies"), Australian Rules (AFL - the oldest codified and registered game in the World), all of which is Football; and we play Soccer (the "Socceroos") in the FIFA World Cup.

Who wins soccer or football?

football wins, soccer is just an American way of segragating themselves from their native tongue "English". American football is just rugby but again changed so it is American how sad the yanks are. MUFC till i die

Why do Yanks call coffee Joe?

See the Related Link. But it's not just "Yanks" that call it that. Southerners do it too.

Did football originate from rugby?

Rugby originated from soccer (football)

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

Which is older football or rugby?


Is Gaelic football rugby?

No. Gaelic Football and Rugby football are completely different sports.

Which is oldest game rugby or football?

Rugby is younger than football.

What country is rugby created?

Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in England

When was Rugby Football League created?

Rugby Football League was created in 1895.

When was Rugby Football Union created?

Rugby Football Union was created in 1871.

Was football invented through rugby?

Football (soccer) and rugby were until the very late 1800's the same game. When the Football league was created rugby lovers took their game and created the Rugby union. American football is derived from Rugby ,Australian rules football

What has the author Bob Howitt written?

Bob Howitt has written: 'The converts' 'New Zealand rugby greats' -- subject(s): Rugby football, Biography 'Laurie Mains' -- subject(s): All Blacks (Rugby team), Biography, History, Mains, Laurie,, Rugby football coaches, Rugby football players 'Rugby nomads' -- subject(s): Rugby football players, Rugby football coaches, Rugby Union football 'Graham Henry'

What is the shape for a rugby ball?

Oval. A Gilbert football for Rugby Union, a Steeden Football for Rugby League and a Sherrin for Australian Rules Football (AFL).

How did American football grow?

It is said that football evolved from rugby and rugby evolved from soccer

Did American football come from rugby?

Rugby does precede American Football and in design some aspects are acknowledged as coming from rugby

Do Yanks have footpaths?

Americans'* do have footpaths but they call them 'sidewalks'

Why do you Yanks call the Kennedy's royalty?

because of their legacy.

What sport came first football or rugby?


What is more popular rugby or motocross?


What is the nickname of the American national football team?

The Stars and the Stripes The Yanks

What is old football or rugby?

football is old

What is rugby similar to?

Rugby actually preceded games which use some of the principles such as American football Gaelic football. There are two related types of Rugby. Rugby League and Rugby Union.